Want to have abdominal muscles, reverse abdominal roll this action is essential, but most people will do wrong

Many people’s fitness is to have a beautiful pair of abdominal muscles, so we have to take into account two areas to exercise abdominal muscles, one is the upper end of the abdominal muscle, which is called the upper abdomen, the other is the lower end of the abdominal muscle.

as we all know, the upper end of the abdominal muscle exercise is to fix the lower limbs, and then constantly lift your upper limbs, so that the sternum is close to the legs. For this kind of exercise, one and unscientific action has long been abandoned by many people, that is, supine sitting up. We all know that this action is harmful, so more people choose to exercise through abdominal roll abdomen.

so we don’t think that your abdominal roll must be scientific. It’s no problem to rely on abdominal roll to exercise the upper abdomen, but you should pay attention to the lower abdomen. If you don’t do abdominal roll scientifically, you may get no effect and easily hurt the lumbar spine. What’s the specific situation? Let me give you a detailed analysis to exercise the lower abdomen based abdominal roll.

the essence of the reverse abdominal roll is actually the rotation of the pelvis. Lifting the legs is not the key. The key is to rotate the pelvis backward after lifting the legs. Why? Let’s look at the structure of the lower abdominal muscle.

our rectus abdominis is connected to the ribs from the upper end and to the pubic symphysis of the pelvis from the lower end. Note that it is connected to the pelvis, and it is not connected to our thigh bone, so it is meaningless for you to simply lift the thigh when you practice this movement. That will not make the abdominal muscles contract. Instead, you will practice the rectus femoris among the quadriceps femoris Because the rectus femoris is connected from the leg to the pelvis.

so if we want to practice the abdominal muscles by rolling down the abdomen, we should focus on the pelvis, rotate your pelvis backward after lifting the leg, and then straight white point means that we should remember to lift your buttocks up after lifting the leg.

many people try to do this action directly on the ground to save time. In fact, it won’t bring you any benefits, because if you do it on the ground, if you straighten your legs, it will increase the force arm at the lower end of your body, which will bring pressure to your lumbar spine. You can’t do it yourself. If you straighten your legs on the ground, you will always feel uncomfortable.

so the best way is to lie on the stool, so that the movement path will not be affected when the legs are bent, because your thighs will fall directly on the stool.

of course, Reverse Belly curling is not completely confined to lying on the ground. We can also use the horizontal bar to do this action, which is called hanging leg lifting. Although the name is different, the essence is the same, and the difficulty of hanging leg lifting will be higher. It will test the stability of the body. If your body is not stable, it will shake back and forth. Don’t want to get pimples again? “Acne” you should do this