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I believe that many Baoma start to prepare some baby products before the baby comes to the world. Many Baoma do not know how to choose when facing a wide range of baby products. However, blind shopping is not only a waste of money, but also can make your baby uncomfortable. Recently, the author came into contact with a brand called Keller dele, It’s awesome home furnishing products, including baby diapers, baby care, home paper, etc., to meet the needs of the baby’s daily care. Today I’ll tell you how Kay is happy.

, this paper diaper is thinner than 0.1CM, thinner, softer and breathable than bank card. It needs a piece of water every night. You can rest assured to let the baby sleep, do not worry about leakage and other problems, it can be called the king of strong suction stomach. In addition, Hyatt’s diaper supplier is Hyatt, which is the first diaper company on the market with strong strength. < / P > < p > the baby’s skin is delicate, so you can’t use a regular towel. This kaierde super Feixia soft paper towel is 100% imported fine original wood pulp, which is soft and close to the skin; in addition, it is added with moisturizing factor + multi-molecule water locking to soften and moisturize; by the way, it also has the EU food grade test + SGS zero stimulation certification, Mom can buy it safely!

new baby needs special baby cream, and the baby’s cream contains liquid gold jojoba seed oil. This is a natural skin care ingredient. It can penetrate deep into the muscles and lock the water. It also has a hundred years of anti-inflammatory and Antibacterias. It can relieve dry and greasy. This baby nourishing cream is also a mild plant formula, which is healthy and safe. Sensitive muscle baby can also use. < / P > < p > in addition to the three products mentioned above, there are also many high-quality products. If you want to unlock more Keller Dele products, you may as well go to tmall Kaier Dele flagship store to learn more ~ < A= https://luanban.com/category/focus/ target=_ blank>Focus