Want to know if a girl is “clean”? Just look at this one. It’s really accurate

Although many girls prefer to be clean than boys, some girls go out in a bright and beautiful way, and their homes are full of clothes that they haven’t washed for months, and bed sheets and quilt covers may not be changed once a month. Clean and not clean girls, in fact, the difference is very big, Xiaomo told you a way to know whether a girl is clean, want to know how “clean” a girl is? Look at this one and you’ll see it.

generally speaking, if you want to know whether a girl is clean, you just need to observe her skin. Clean girls even skin is clean and flawless, in addition to living habits, to ensure that the skin is clean is also essential, no clean skin, how many skin care products can not be absorbed, let alone how good the skin can be.

if we can clean our skin properly, we will reduce a lot of bacteria, so that we can better absorb the nutrition in skin care products, rather than be absorbed by bacteria. Although we all know that we need to choose foam cleanser products, but not many bubbles will be good, some are added various stimulant ingredients, so we also need to know how to distinguish.

our whole body skin should be clean in place, so as to be a delicate woman, such as armpits, joints, ankles and other parts that we don’t pay much attention to. If these places are not cleaned, the delicacy of a girl will be reduced by several levels, which is very dirty.

whole body skin cleaning is one step, and the more important step is facial cleaning. After all, girls still pay more attention to appearance, so they spend more time on their faces. Although they often do facial cleaning, some girls still don’t know how to choose a good facial cleanser. Although we all know that amino acid cleanser is mild and does not stimulate, but it also ignores one point, that is, the cleaning strength of amino acid facial cleanser.

if you wash your face with too mild cleanser for a long time, it will not only be not clean enough, but also, over time, your face will become dirtier and harder to clean. Therefore, we should take into account both non stimulation and cleaning strength when washing face. It is suggested to try a cleansing product that beauty bloggers are using recently, which is both mild and clean.

the ingredients of this facial cleanser are mild and non irritating, especially the rich fullerene ingredients in it. It has a very good decontamination ability, and can also repair the skin and improve the skin moisture.

its foam is rich and dense. As we all know, the more delicate foam, the more it penetrates into Mao Kongzhong, and takes away the dirt accumulated in the pores. Oil skin girls sometimes use a very stimulating soap based facial cleanser to clean the skin, but it is a kind of stimulation and consumption to the skin, and this facial cleanser is very friendly to oily girls, can thoroughly clean the pores, but will not stimulate the skin.

our faces are exposed to dust and ultraviolet light every day. If not thoroughly cleaned, the pores will be blocked, and the face will be more easily polluted, resulting in excessive oil secretion, blackhead, acne and other skin problems, making the face look dirty and not as delicate as girls.

want to know how clean a girl is? Look at this one and you’ll see it. Generally speaking, observing a girl’s skin state can tell if a girl is clean.

if you want to make your face cleaner and more transparent, and you want to find a facial cleanser suitable for you, you can really try the above Zenica facial cleanser! 08/16/2020