Wanxi’s plain face is as white as make-up, even the instep of her feet is white. For many years, whitening relies on the earth method

Wanxi entered the performing arts circle as an actress. In terms of acting skills, she was a powerful actor. However, she was very modest and low-key. She neither hyped nor made a scandal. She just concentrated on her own performing career. But what little foam noticed was that her skin was so good that not only her face was white to delicate, but also the instep of her feet was white. < / P > < p > although she is a mother, her fashionable clothes are very eye-catching every time. She looks slim and good-looking. She can crush a lot of flowers when she wears a white shirt. < / P > < p > her figure is simply too hot. Although she has always been called a beauty with short hair, her long hair is also amazing. Can you believe that she is 37 years old and has children? When Wanxi was asked in an interview what the daily items in her bag were, she replied, “of course, it’s sun protection. In fact, ultraviolet rays do great harm to the skin.” The original goddess is so white is also used in the sun’s soil method, it seems that what time is the most important, 700 years more than a year mask.

whether it is a female star or a vegetarian, if it is rough, dark and yellow, even if the foundation is rubbed, the dark yellow and stain on the cheeks will be especially obvious, which looks much older than that of their peers. < / P > < p > especially in spring and summer, cutin, which should be naturally metabolized by the skin, can not be naturally metabolized due to aging skin, unclean skin, sun oil, irregular work and rest diet, etc. The ultraviolet radiation in sunlight is the most effective and cumulative factor among all the exogenous aging factors of skin. Therefore, the exogenous aging of skin is called “photoaging”. It can not only Tan the skin, but also cause skin aging. Therefore, sunscreen is very important. We always envy why the skin of Korean girls is so good. One of them is to apply sunscreen all the year round. After all, you can come back white after tanning, and you can’t get back to the sky when you are old. < / P > < p > many girls don’t like to wear sunscreen because they think they are greasy or have obvious false white. In fact, they don’t use good sunscreen products. Xiao Mo planted grass some time ago. It’s a sunscreen made by song tie’s little sister. It’s very good to use. I take it with me every day when I go out to play. My hands and feet are also used. It’s a lot whiter in the summer. < / P > < p > this is the best sunscreen I’ve ever used: it’s not greasy, it doesn’t rub mud, it’s not fake white! Take a look at the skin of Naza and Song Yi who pay more attention to sunscreen to know how easy to use. Song Yi once said in interviews and shows that she always pays attention to sun protection, and sunscreen is essential throughout the year. In a summer, 20-30 bottles of sunscreen are empty. No wonder her skin is so white. < / P > < p > the sunscreen value of this sunscreen is higher than that of spf50, and the sunscreen lasts for more than 12 hours. Moreover, it adopts the physical and chemical double sunscreen index system. Physical sunscreen refracts ultraviolet rays, chemical sunscreens absorb ultraviolet rays, and double buffs can effectively resist UVA and UVB in ultraviolet rays, and prevent skin from sunburn and aging. < / P > < p > it is cool and cool on the skin. After the film is formed, it is very refreshing. It is not greasy at all. It won’t stick to your hair and hands at all. Moreover, it has a strong waterproof effect! < / P > < p > like I used in the office, I don’t take off my make-up very much at the end of the day, and I only need to apply it once a day. Moreover, the skin can be seen with a lot of delicate eyes, which completely saves the foundation. < / P > < p > sunscreen is really important! Why use sunscreen? A lot of girls think it’s very troublesome to apply sunscreen products. Let’s take a look at the comparison below. One side of the face with long-term sun protection is at least 20 years younger than that with no sunscreen at all? < / P > < p > now the activity period is much cheaper than usual! Two of them arrived at the usual time, and there was also a lot of spray, which was totally heartache, and it was not painfully painted on the hands, legs and body. Little foam bought 3 sticks each time. Information sharing for epilepsy patients