“Water delivery” fetal choking? Obstetrician: don’t be superstitious. The three advantages are obvious

Do you still remember Xie Yilin, the actor of Li Tang Wanru? In 2018, Xie Yilin became a treasure mother by giving birth in water. At that time, she also exposed the bathtub of giving birth in water on her microblog, which really scared a large number of netizens. It was also from that time that many expectant mothers realized that they could still give birth in water.

for expectant mothers in China, water delivery is really a new thing. In fact, water delivery, caesarean section and natural delivery are very common in foreign countries, but most hospitals in China do not have such delivery conditions and do not promote them, so they are not well known.

with the rapid development of society in recent years, there are many domestic production institutions that can implement water delivery, and there are many expectant mothers who are ready to have a try. However, they have a common question: “will the fetus be choked by water during edema delivery?”?

in the program, the star Cheng Lisha also mentioned this problem. Isn’t it dangerous for a baby born in water to be exposed to water?

the explanation given by the pediatrician is that under normal circumstances, the baby will not choke in the water, and there will be no danger. In fact, the environment of childbirth in water is very similar to that of the uterus where the baby lives for 10 months. When the baby rushes into the water through the birth canal, their lungs are still not fully opened, so they will not breathe and will not be choked by water.

when the baby leaves the surface of the water to turn on the self breathing function, it means that their body has been taken out of the water by the safety belt. At this time, they inhale air, so they will not be hurt by the water in the delivery pool.

in other words, fetuses live in amniotic fluid before they are born. It’s unnecessary to worry that water delivery will make the baby choke. In the face of the mode of delivery we are not familiar with, expectant mothers should not be superstitious. After all, scientific principles can explain everything. We should know that there are many advantages of water delivery.

in the process of delivery, the vast majority of puerpera will be particularly nervous. Delivery in water can make the puerpera’s body get the maximum relaxation, and the rate of uterine orifice expansion will be relatively fast. At the same time, the pregnant mother’s body is affected by the buoyancy in the water, so the puerpera will be easy to force, which can effectively shorten the delivery process and help the puerpera reduce the pain in the process of delivery.

in the process of natural childbirth, many puerpera will suffer the risk of perineal tear or lateral incision. Compared with water childbirth, puerpera affected by water can relieve the strong pressure of fetal birth on vagina, so as to better protect perineum. This can not only reduce the pain of maternal tears, but also make the birth canal more elastic under the state of water pressure, which is conducive to the smooth birth of the fetus.

whether it’s natural delivery or caesarean section, it’s possible to use oxytocin or anesthetics. Although these things have a low impact on the fetus, if you don’t use these drugs during delivery, you can effectively avoid the harm caused by drug factors.

water delivery is not common in China after all. If mothers decide to adopt this mode of delivery, they need to find a hospital with water delivery experience and facilities in advance, and appoint a doctor to deliver, so as to make preparations before delivery.

the best age of delivery in water is 22-30 years old, and delivery in water is not recommended for pregnant women over 30 years old. This will increase the risk of dystocia. Secondly, the gestational age of the fetus should be more than 38 weeks, and the size should be between 3-3.5kg. Finally, the pregnant woman’s physical indicators are normal, without any complications.

whether it’s natural delivery or water delivery, pregnant mothers need to make preparations before the baby is born. For example, the baby’s package towel, the milk powder and bottle prepared in advance, and the maternity sanitary napkin are the things that Baoma needs most after childbirth.

compared with other delivery methods, water delivery really needs the courage of pregnant women to face. After all, it is not easy to watch the bloody baby born with their eyes open. To ensure that they can calmly face all kinds of sudden situations before and after delivery, so as to better meet the baby’s birth. Focus