Weight loss period, how to run fast fat burning? Four tips to improve the efficiency of reducing fat!

For weight loss, many people’s minds out of the most is that I usually run on the line. Some people will answer that I just eat less every day.

many people choose to run at the beginning of sports, and the intensity of running is relatively low, and people are easy to stick to it. From the student period, we have to run around the playground in physical education class, and the efficiency of fat burning is very high.

for different groups of people, there are many kinds of running, and the training effect is very good. According to your own physical condition, you can choose the corresponding training intensity, but if you want to burn fat quickly, we need scientific methods!

many people think that the speed of running to lose weight will be relatively slow. In fact, they don’t know the correct running time. Some people like to calculate the running calories according to the number of kilometers, such as running 3 kilometers or 5 kilometers. Although this method is OK, it’s not as efficient as directly recording the running time.

if you run 3 kilometers every 2 minutes, it’s different from running 3 kilometers every 30 minutes. According to scientific research, jogging for an hour consumes 550 calories. Moreover, after 20 minutes of running, the fat participation function will be relatively high, so it is recommended that the running time should be 30-40 minutes.

at the beginning of the novice’s running and fat reduction, we recommend fast walking and jogging to let the body adapt to their own sports. In the early stage, the emphasis is to improve their cardiopulmonary endurance and oxygen uptake, which is of great help to improve the overall quality of the body.

for example, continuous acceleration running, or eating out deceleration running, variable speed running, etc. can correspondingly increase the burning of body fat. Pay attention not to be invariable. Changing the speed can increase the efficiency of running.

many people think that after long-term running, their dwarfism efficiency will be reduced. They think that they are in the bottleneck period. In fact, this is not the case. It is suggested that their children should join strength training before running to consume glycogen in their body. After 20 minutes of strength training, they can run again, which will consume more calories.

it is suggested that strength training should adopt some complex training, such as squat, hard pull or push up, pull-up and so on. In this way, while increasing muscle lines, the body will be more quickly shaped.

running is always the same, or running feels that the speed of fat reduction has decreased. You can change the running field. A new field can often stimulate your own running pleasure, so that your body will secrete a lot of dopamine, doubling your body’s fat burning speed.

if you often run on the playground, you can change it to run by the lake, or park, or treadmill, or stadium, and the running route can also be changed accordingly.

for example, if you are used to turning left, you can turn right. If you like to run straight lines, you can turn to run curves. If you like to return on the same road, it’s better to take turns.

1. After running, be sure to stretch your muscles, relax your leg muscles, and reduce the probability of delayed soreness. Increase muscle flexibility.

2. It is recommended to run about 4-5 times a week, and let the body rest for one or two days. In the next exercise, it can play a better training effect and help to stick to it.

Finally, it’s better to take action directly than all empty words. As long as you have the perseverance to stick to it, the speed of fat reduction will be accelerated, and the metabolism will also be increased!

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