Weimi supermodel group pregnant, she is very big belly, wearing leopard print swimsuit, figure does not look out of shape, big show wild beauty

Recently, Vimy supermodel & quot; Sigrid agran announced her pregnancy on her social platform. For supermodels, pregnancy in the fashion world, once dominated by Vimy, is almost impossible for supermodels, because Vimy has a high demand for body shape and body defects. Now that Vimy is no longer popular, many supermodels are pregnant. < p > < p > this time Sigrid announced on her social platform that she was 30 weeks pregnant. She was wearing a black one-piece swimsuit that looked like she was swimming in her own pool. She took a self-image by the window. < / P > < p > it can be seen that & quot; wash a pear & quot; has little change in body shape, except for the obvious bulge of the abdomen, and the limbs are still slender. Sure enough, supermodels are pregnant like fun, how can they not become big mothers. < p > < p > to see Sigrid’s figure on the stage of Vimy, her waist is so thin that her backhand can touch the same side of her waist, which is probably what ordinary people dream of having. Although Sigrid is not as famous as supermodel candy, AA and pumpkin on the stage of Vimy, her business ability and physical condition are excellent. For example, if she has long hands and long feet, she has a proper wrist line. Although she is thin, she has slender limbs and hourglass figure. When she put on this set of black ostrich hair one-piece underwear, a moment of momentum. < p > < p > for ordinary people, there is still infertility, and it is very difficult for supermodels who exercise a lot every day to get pregnant. Romee romee, a Supermodel of Victoria who announced her pregnancy some time ago, has published a long article telling the story of her difficult pregnancy. < p > < p > LUO Mei, who has been in the business for many years, has a boyfriend who has been dating since she was 14 years old. Of course, she is now a real husband, and they are both talented and beautiful. Because she has been focusing on her career, she often carries out high-intensity fitness exercises and pays special attention to avoid high calorie diet. But the result is that she hasn’t menstruated for seven years, and it’s very difficult to get pregnant naturally. Romee couldn’t help but cry when she said that. < / P > < p > because the fashion industry used to almost not accept large models, romee has been afraid to indulge himself. But at the beginning of the year, romee and her husband returned to the Netherlands to prepare for pregnancy. Fortunately, she finally got pregnant. She is now about five months pregnant. But once in the fashion world, it’s hard to get out of the fashion world. < / P > < p > this knitted skirt can be worn whether pregnant or not, and Jason stanson’s girlfriend Rosie also wore it on her vacation not long ago. This kind of elastic clothing is not only more comfortable and comfortable, but also gives her the impression of good figure during pregnancy. < p > < p > pregnant Luo Mei still can’t give up her pursuit of sex appeal. She even boldly wears one-piece lace embroidered underwear. She chose this beancurd one-piece underwear with light jeans. The pants were about the size before pregnancy, which could not be buttoned up. However, this style with a sunscreen jacket, can be completely out of the street, and particularly fashionable. < p > < p > after being able to go out, Luo Mei also boldly went to the seaside for a holiday, wearing a leopard print swimsuit to show the wild beauty. Although pregnancy does make her fat, but on the basis of her original figure, it can only be regarded as thin for ordinary people. With a pair of black super and woven fisherman’s hat, Romer is super model. < / P > < p > there is also a new generation of Vimy supermodel Gigi who announced her pregnancy earlier, and even shot a fashion movie about 9 months after her pregnancy, and her figure basically did not change. Luanban