What about the age of exposure? Care for your neck

“Swan neck” we have heard of, like a swan slender neck, elegant and noble, the temperament of the whole person will be more elegant. There are also a lot of online training courses on Swan neck. Why do you attach so much importance to the beauty of neck? This is because neck can best reflect a person’s posture and temperament, and of course, it can also show people’s age. Neck fine lines are also known as neck rings, even if a girl’s make-up skills, neck fine lines can show her real age. Liu Xiaoqing, for example, has no change in her face, but every time she takes a girl’s part, there is a decoration on her neck. In fact, this is to cover up the traces of years on her neck.

first of all, let’s talk about the causes of neck wrinkles in normal people. This reason is related to age. Generally speaking, with the growth of age, there are two reasons for the occurrence of cervical wrinkles. One is the aging of epidermal cells, becoming inactive, cell metabolism is not flourishing, water is reduced, and the cell body collapses; the other reason is the atrophy of connective tissue, the most important of which is the decrease of collagen. Collagen plays a very important role in filling and bonding. It has a strong elasticity. If it is held under the skin, the skin will become soft, elastic, full and moist. If the collagen is reduced, the skin will not be elastic, and wrinkles will be easy to produce.

now there are moisturizing creams for the neck skin, which can moisturize, tighten and enhance the neck skin. In addition, the neck mask is also a good way to protect the neck. The skin of the neck is dry and can be applied to moisturizing mask. Remember not to use a deep cleansing mask to make the skin of the neck more dry.

in daily maintenance, we can do more neck massage, which can not only prevent neck muscle sagging, but also help skin quickly absorb skin nutrition. The neck massage that follows the landing collocation can be used with the neck cream.

Finally, place the index finger and middle finger of both hands on the lymph position under the parotid bone, and press for about 1 minute to make the lymphatic blood circulation smooth and play the role of detoxification.

deep neck lines have nothing to do with sleeping posture. Sleeping posture does not result in neck wrinkles. But we can help reduce neck lines by adjusting the pillows we use when we sleep.

the pillow you use when you sleep will affect the neck lines. The pillow is too high and the head falls down when sleeping, causing the burden of shoulder muscles. Pillow too high also easy to make the neck bend, produce neck lines. But do not use pillow, chin presents upward posture, is also easy to produce wrinkles and stiff reasons behind the neck. The ideal pillow is to make people relax physically and mentally. The height of the pillow is about 6-8 cm, but it depends on the person.

if you need to do desk work frequently, remember to “lift your head” from time to time. Don’t hang your head down all day. It’s better to stretch your waist and neck every other hour. And when extending neck, might as well slowly head back, make the neck has tension feeling, in order to prevent the occurrence of neck lines.

ultraviolet rays can damage the collagen in the skin and cause relaxation of the neck skin, so we should also pay attention to sunscreen! Every time you go out and apply sunscreen, don’t just remember to paint your face and limbs, and ignore your neck. When cleaning the skin at night, it is also necessary to remember to take off makeup for the neck skin. This is the same reason that you need to remove makeup when you apply sunscreen on your face. When you use facial cleanser to clean your skin for the second time, you also need to clean your neck!

clothing and necklaces are an important cause of neck wrinkles. These potential irritants may become another important inducement of neck aging symptoms. Pure cotton and silk clothes have the least irritation and are better for neck skin than knitting and chemical fiber. Although the material of necklaces does not emphasize only gold and silver, it must be tested in advance to see if the skin is sensitive. Poor quality necklaces can also hurt the neck skin, so do not buy poor quality necklaces. When you sleep at night, you should remove the accessories in time to avoid scratching the neck skin.

the neck protection method should be followed. A beautiful and smooth neck will add a lot of points to your appearance! Today, we will talk about the daily care of the neck. If you have any questions or a good way to remove the neck lines, you can leave a message in the comments. CUISINE&HEALTH