What are the advantages and disadvantages of painless gastroscopy and ordinary gastroscopy? Look at the analysis of professional doctors

In China, the number of people dying of gastric cancer every year is particularly large, accounting for 1 / 3 of the world’s patients. In this case, the annual gastric physical examination is particularly important. With the progress of modern medicine, the equipment of gastric examination is becoming more and more humanized. There are ordinary and painless gastroscopy alone. Today, let’s let Dr. Li understand the difference between the two. < / P > < p > patients should keep their stomach clean the day before gastroscopy, which can greatly improve the accuracy of examination results. Don’t eat 6-8 hours before going to the hospital, that is, you should stop eating after dinner. In terms of dinner choice, light and healthy food is also the main choice. But you can drink some water according to the situation. Of course, don’t drink water as a meal. If you are a friend who has a long-term smoking habit, please pay attention to it before the examination. Please don’t smoke the day before the examination. Smoking can easily make your stomach acid secrete too much, and the accuracy of the test results is not high. < / P > < p > ordinary gastroscopy is an intubation inspection method. It can enter the stomach with the help of a medical hose. Doctors can directly check the lesions in the stomach through the hose, and do a mucosal extraction for some questionable lesions. Although there is no pain during gastroscopy, the experience is not so good. < / P > < p > as usual, they are easy to get nervous and start shivering when they enter the hospital, or they have long-term smoking experience, and people with particularly sensitive throat. If you have some of the symptoms mentioned above, we suggest that you relax before the examination, keep a good mood, inhale slowly and breathe slowly, which can greatly reduce your discomfort and help the examination. Compared with ordinary gastroscopy, painless gastroscopy has better experience. People are under general anesthesia to check, there will not be nausea and discomfort, but also greatly reduce the nausea, increased blood pressure and heart rate because of nausea. This is equivalent to having a test in your sleep, but not everyone is suitable for a painless test. General anesthesia patients in the completion of the examination will have dizziness phenomenon, more sensitive patients, after a week is still in a state of dizziness. There are also some people with respiratory diseases, digestive tract diseases, limited facial movement and short, fat people are not suitable. In short, intubation is required for both common and painless patients. It’s just that one is conscious and the other is unconscious. Both are very safe and effective. If you just do a routine stomach test, and in good mental and physical conditions, the general examination is OK. < / P > < p > but if you want to be more precise and detailed, and the psychological quality is not high, you can choose painless gastroscopy. Finally, no matter whether you are doing ordinary or painless, after you have finished the examination, the diet is mainly liquid food, do not choose to eat some big fish and meat or spicy food, which will have a certain impact on your later recovery. In addition, friends who are used to smoking should not smoke after checking on the same day, and give up smoking as much as possible. < / P > < p > for everyone, at a certain age, gastroscopy is very necessary. In line with the principle of early detection and early treatment, adhering to the health examination is a guarantee for themselves and their families. Information sharing for epilepsy patients