What are the benefits of drinking Pu’er tea?

A tea friend asked me, what can I do with Pu’er tea? We know that people who understand tea can understand the details of water, and can make accurate judgment on the quality of wine. Therefore, we can experience a lot of fun after drinking Pu’er tea. For example, we can look at the credit rating of a food brand. For example, we know that the publicity of a certain brand is very strong, and the word-of-mouth effect is very good. We can see whether it is good or not. Why, is there such a thing? It’s true that you can judge the health and safety of regular food through your eyes if you know how to drink Pu’er tea. < / P > < p > What’s the principle? This is obtained by Lu Yu, the author of the book. The record of “Lu Yu’s appreciation of water” is its principle. It is a skill of traditional Chinese culture that everyone can learn. I have promised before that if you know how to drink Pu’er tea and Lu Yujian water, you can start from identifying the quality of mineral water to staple food, meat, vegetables, fruits, eggs, Oils and so on. In short, we can correctly judge the quality of more than 80% of our daily life’s grains, vegetables, eggs, milk and oil. This set of methods, 28 hours, through the test, you can have this ability, and Renyi said that tea can ensure that everyone can learn. Moreover, this skill can judge the properties of food and the true properties of traditional Chinese medicine without reading medical records. < / P > < p > after drinking Pu’er tea, in addition to being proficient in food, we will also find that our bodies have changed. As I said before, there are fewer obese people in high-end supermarkets, while there are more obese people in low-end supermarkets. From my personal point of view, this is the case. Originally, I thought that as long as exercise is OK, the fact is, I was wrong, which has nothing to do with sports Food affects one’s cognition. We know that people with strong autonomy know what they want, what to do and how to do it. However, we find that the people in the low-end supermarket are relatively lazy. None of them is willing to admit their shortcomings even if the facts are put in front of them. I used to be obese and fatty liver was severe, but I think I am a person with strong autonomy and I am not lazy. Until I understand Pu’er tea, I can understand that I live in the illusion of self righteousness. < / P > < p > we all know the truth, but at the critical moment, we will see that there are many choices, and it is the most common to act and give up according to the thought. The most interesting thing is that before drinking the tea, when it is necessary to do something, there will be a contrary thought, idea, action to urge me not to do it. Many people have experienced this situation, such as trying to quit smoking but unable to quit. These feelings prompted me to interrupt my plans, procrastination, etc. We know the truth, but we will still try our own way, which is so realistic. When we understand the tea, we will find that these similar reaction barriers begin to affect us less and less. And this proves that tea can at least have a sobering effect. Of course, at first I can’t guarantee that this choice is correct, but many tests have proved that it has a real refreshing effect. < / P > < p > in the past few years of understanding Pu’er tea, I have found some basic elements of the traditional “Wu” and “Ling”. Through practice, I have found that my understanding of all aspects of body and mind is not educated by others, but from tea, and even more from God. How to understand it? It is a series of reactions after it is obtained from food, so the traditional saying that tea can be used for psychic purposes, and Rongxi Zen master said that tea is the last elixir of tea, and so on. These are correct. This problem can be completed in 28 hours. The principle is that we should experience the spirit first, so that I can know the authenticity of the tradition. < / P > < p > there is an example that is real and logical, in line with modern science, medicine and traditional cognition. Take weight loss as an example, I have not taken diet pills, nor deliberately to run, fitness, not to diet, naturally thin down, and my appetite is better than before. Because after drinking Pu’er tea, the body will tell itself the limit of food and tell itself to eat or not to eat. I have to look for delicious and healthy food every day. I have no time to lose weight. From healthy food, we can experience “love”, which is the most precious heritage left by our ancestors. Because we understand that food is the most important thing for the people, eating is the ability to think, eat to have the ability to sleep, eat to have the ability to act, eat to reduce fatigue, to eat to reduce physical damage, to eat to be healthy, to eat to control diet, to eat to lose weight healthily, to eat to control weight, to understand how much our ancestors love us, these are the basis, these are my insights What you really deserve is all. Because if we don’t know how to eat, the knowledge we have learned, the knowledge we have learned, and the wealth we have gained may be admitted to the hospital. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!