What are the cerebrovascular diseases with high disability rate? 6 reasons for vascular problems, 5 habits to prevent

Cerebrovascular disease is one of the three major diseases leading to human death. Worldwide, 4.6 million people die every year, one third of them in industrialized countries, and the rest in developing countries. Most of them are over 65 years old. < / P > < p > China is also an area with high incidence of stroke mortality. It is estimated that 6 million residents are suffering from cerebrovascular diseases, 1.3 million new cases of cerebrovascular diseases occur every year, and nearly 1 million people die. About 3 / 4 of the survivors leave sequelae such as hemiplegia, and some patients lose their ability to work and live. The etiology of transient ischemic attack is related to cerebral arteriosclerosis, which is the dysfunction caused by transient, ischemic and focal damage of brain tissue. < / P > < p > cerebral thrombosis is mainly caused by atherosclerosis, various arteritis, trauma and other physical factors, and blood clots caused by local cerebrovascular diseases. < / P > < p > cerebral embolism can be induced by emboli from various diseases entering the blood and blocking the blood vessels of the brain. Clinically, heart disease is the most common cause, followed by fracture, or post-traumatic fat into the blood, insect eggs or bacterial infection, pneumothorax and other air into the blood, phlebitis embolus and other factors, embolic cerebrovascular. < / P > < p > cerebral hemorrhage refers to the rupture of cerebral parenchymal blood vessels, excluding traumatic cerebral hemorrhage. Most of them are caused by hypertension, cerebral arteriosclerosis and tumor. < p > < p > subarachnoid hemorrhage is caused by the rupture of blood vessels on the surface and bottom of the brain, and the blood flows directly into the subarachnoid space. The common causes are aneurysm rupture, vascular malformation, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, blood disease, etc. < / P > < p > is the main cause of focal cerebrovascular disease, even if there are abnormal hemodynamics or blood components and other factors. Vascular lesions are often the main conditions to determine the occurrence and location of lesions. The main diseases are: < a= https://luanban.com/15-entry-level-basic-skin-care-rules-skin-care-xiaobai-quickly-take-to-collect/ target=_ blank>08/16/2020