What are the fruits that can help women to nourish their blood and keep their face? Women in the list often eat fruits, but they are not old at 50

Beauty is the pursuit of women’s life. From young girls in their infancy to middle-aged women who know their destiny, they all hope to have a face with red lips and white skin. They also hope that their skin is good, and their face looks very lively and younger than their real age. All these are inseparable from the support of sufficient Qi and blood. Women are full of Qi and blood, and their body and face can get sufficient nourishment of Qi and blood. They will have a good body, bright complexion and beautiful appearance. If women want to achieve this state, they might as well often eat some fruits that can replenish qi and blood, and often eat beauty to keep their face, even if they are 50 years old. < / P > < p > known as the “king of fruits”, kiwi fruit is now in season. It tastes sour, sweet and nutritious. Women can eat more if they want to enrich their blood and keep their face. Kiwi fruit has a high nutritional value, rich in vitamin C, often eat can help the body delay oxidation, delay skin aging, often eat kiwi fruit, help whiten the skin, reduce wrinkles and spots, let the skin become smoother. Skin wrinkles and long spots of women, may wish to eat more kiwi fruit. The nutrition in most fruits is relatively single, but there are many kinds of nutrition in kiwi fruit. Besides vitamin C, it is also rich in calcium, iron and so on. Regular eating can help women supplement iron, which has a good blood tonic effect. < / P > < p > sugarcane is also a fruit in the current season. For women, it is also one of the fruits worth eating more. Sugarcane has a high water content, which has a good water supplement function. Besides, sugarcane is rich in vitamins, organic acids and other substances. Women often eat sugarcane, which helps to improve metabolism and promote the discharge of garbage in the body. When the environment inside the body becomes clean, women’s faces will also become clean, and their faces will become fairer. In winter, many women will feel dry mouth, often eat sugar cane, can alleviate the phenomenon of dry mouth. < / P > < p > when it comes to fruits that women should eat more, grapes are absolutely indispensable. Grapes are very good for women. Grapes contain a variety of nutrients, which are rich in calcium, iron and phosphorus, women often eat, have a good role in calcium and blood. For women with insufficient Qi and blood, menopause and weak health, eating more grapes can supplement qi and blood, calcium and nutrition. If you eat it often, your discomfort will be improved. Grape also has a good antioxidant effect, women often eat grapes, can delay the oxidation of the skin, moisturize the skin, but also help to fade the spots on the face, so women want to become beautiful, grapes to eat more. < / P > < p > Cranberry is a popular fruit in recent years, and its nutritional value is relatively high. Cranberry contains antioxidant substances, often eat cranberry, has a good anti-aging effect, can play a role in preventing skin wrinkles and long spots. Cranberry is rich in iron, often eat has a good blood function. The substance in cranberry can also decompose the bacteria in the mouth and protect the teeth and oral health. Women often eat Cranberry to nourish blood and protect teeth, making their lips red and teeth white, and their facial values rise in a straight line. For women, cranberry also has a more attractive effect, that is, its substances can prevent gynecological problems. In addition, women often eat cranberry, and defecate to lose weight, enhance immunity and many other functions, many benefits. < / P > < p > women don’t want to get old, want to be beautiful, want to look younger, which needs plenty of Qi and blood. Women often eat macaques and other fruits to replenish qi and blood, which will help you complete this hope. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!