What are the “three things” in delivery room? The first is often overlooked

At this time, most pregnant women will be very nervous, and pregnant women often have abdominal pain, so they basically can’t do it by themselves < / P > < p > but if they are all novices, they will be at a loss, because the delivery room of these essential goods is less, pregnant women are likely to suffer more. < / P > < p > at that time, my best friend’s mother-in-law was sick and hospitalized at this critical point, and her father-in-law had to go to the hospital to take care of her, so she had to ask her husband to come and accompany her delivery. < / P > < p > in men’s view, accompanying delivery is a very simple thing, just wait for the mother to give birth and wait at the door of the operating room. But the best friend was pregnant for the first time, so the husband and wife were not prepared for anything. They were so confused that they were about to give birth. < / P > < p > on that day, her friend’s amniotic fluid broke, and the situation was very urgent. The doctor quickly pushed her friend into the operating room. When she left, she was always saying to her husband, “take out the prepared knife paper and let the nurse deliver it later!” < / P > < p > now the doctor knew that the lying in woman had not prepared the knife paper, so he quickly arranged for a nurse to follow him to the nearby pharmacy to buy it. It’s called a knife for my husband. It’s not a knife for my husband. This is one of the necessities that women need to prepare when they are in the delivery room. < / P > < p > if you don’t prepare the waiting bag before delivery, it will cause some inconvenience to the delivery. So, what are the specific necessities to prepare when waiting for labor? The size of knife paper is generally slightly larger than that of A3 paper. This paper is thicker and has better toughness. It is generally in the production of cushion under the maternal body, after the production also needs to pad well. < / P > < p > because after giving birth to the baby, the lying in woman will still have lochia discharge. If you choose toilet paper to cover it, it will not only be airtight, but also very unclean, which is easy to cause diseases. If you choose this special knife paper, it will be clean and sanitary, and it is convenient to replace it. < / P > < p > because family members are not allowed to leave during childbirth, they can prepare more high calorie food when they are in hospital. < / P > < p > after giving birth to a baby, the mother is weak, and she needs to replenish energy at this time. Her family can prepare some high calorie food for her, so that the puerpera can have a little strength after eating these foods. For example, bread, chocolate, milk, etc. are OK. < / P > < p > after being hospitalized for labor, some parturient women have strong pain. When they feel pain, they don’t want to do anything except lying in bed. At this time, the family needs to prepare a special straw or straw cup for the puerpera. < / P > < p > in fact, in addition to the fact that the mother needs to use a straw when she is in a panic before giving birth. After the birth, the mother’s body is relatively weak. At this time, it is suggested that the mother should not sit up and drink water by herself. The family can insert a straw into their cup, so that they can drink more conveniently. < / P > < p > women’s childbirth is not a simple thing. As the accompanying family members, they should also be aware of some necessary items that women need to prepare before giving birth. For example, many people do not know what they need to prepare when they give birth. When they arrive at the hospital, they still know nothing about it. In the end, they can only suffer from the maternal. < / P > < p > originally pregnant women with children, themselves are very uncomfortable, if even these essential items are not ready, it will only make the puerpera more troubled and nervous, easy to affect the mood of the maternal, to bring unnecessary trouble to childbirth. < / P > < p > therefore, I hope that the family can know about it in advance and prepare the necessary items for childbirth, so that the puerpera can be more relaxed and help the smooth delivery. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE