What are you afraid of when you are not allowed to go out of the classroom during recess and lunch break?

First, I’m afraid of children. In the corridor, stairwell, playground, children are bound to run and make noise. What if they hit it? And then, I fear parents “trouble.”. If the child is injured in school, parents may be reluctant to comply and ask for compensation from the school. Finally, I was afraid to find something for myself. More than 40 people in a class, more than 1000 children in the school, and at the same time, they hold to the playground for fun. Teachers can not manage it. It is necessary to make a great effort to develop a new way of writing and martial arts. The students should be given a certain time off between classes and noon, which is not only for the sake of adjusting their physical and mental learning better, but also for the long-term plan of students’ comprehensive development. Avoid the immediate “fear”, ignore the long-term consequences, in fact, more terrible. In view of the phenomenon that children are not enough outdoor activities and their physical quality is declining, more and more phenomena such as “small fat pier” and “small glasses” have become a common understanding of the whole society. After all, the future depends on their physical and mental health to create, hope to rely on their overall development. In the face of contradiction, we should be the growth posture of teaching children by words and deeds. Why not use your brain to find a balance between safety and happiness, give back the children ten minutes and an hour in the afternoon, let them go out of the classroom, and change their brains, relax and relax on the playground? It must be the common expectation of children, parents and schools to do well in protection and preparation to help students enjoy fun, strengthen their physique, improve their personality and exercise their will in physical exercises. To achieve this goal, on the one hand, family and school should strengthen safety education, so that students can know where and how to prevent the danger; on the other hand, it should be guaranteed from the system, establish and improve the campus injury insurance mechanism, stagger outdoor activities time, school separate areas and grade free activities. In fact, the most important thing to be done in the problem of break and lunch break is that the school and parents reach a consensus on the basis of empathy. Schools and teachers should have a bigger mind and more courage to take on. Of course, parents should also have a scientific and correct understanding of the risk of outdoor activities as a “compulsory course” for children to grow up. It is important to note that gain and loss are always symbiotic. How can we see rainbow without rain and rain? Adults are not afraid, children will have a wider space! 21 days after delivery, the pregnant woman had a new baby, but the doctor did not find it was “twins”