What changes will happen to the body of people who have been playing mobile phones for a long time? Doctors reveal four “changes”!

To protect the eyes. However, when a person’s head is lowered to play with the mobile phone for a long time, all the attention will be focused on the mobile phone, and the number of blinking eyes will be reduced accordingly. < / P > < p > in this case, the original protective layer will evaporate, and there will be dry and astringent performance in the eyes, which can cause dry eye disease in serious cases. Patients will have eye fatigue, dryness, tingling and other symptoms. The so-called tenosynovitis is inflammation at the junction of injured tendon and shell plate. The reason why playing with mobile phones can lead to this disease is that long-term, hard to make the same action, thumb tendon, tendon sheath repeated friction, eventually leading to finger joint swelling, inflammation! If you want to judge whether you have tenosynovitis, you can do a preliminary check by a movement: < / P > < p > clench your own hand into a fist, let the thumb buckle into the fist, and then press the thumb downward with the elbow force. If there is obvious tingling, there may be tenosynovitis! < / P > < p > there is nothing wrong with playing with mobile phones, but if you are occupied with all your time and life by mobile phones and have no self-control ability, the above hazards will find themselves. Therefore, we should try to avoid playing with mobile phones for a long time and get rid of the control of mobile phones. After playing with mobile phones, we should get up and move our joints to prevent the above diseases. 15 entry-level basic skin care rules, skin care Xiaobai quickly take to collect!