“What do you think?” The pregnant mother told her husband to prepare the waiting bag and open it to the hospital

Many people who have become mothers, looking back on the process from pregnancy to childbirth, will more or less leave some regrets. For example, there are no beautiful pictures of pregnant women, no time to do yoga for pregnant women, and there is no good preparation for labor bags. < / P > < p > some of these regrets have passed away in the past and will not affect anything. But the waiting bag is a must for pregnant women. If they are not prepared in advance, they will be in a hurry, which will increase the anxiety of expectant mothers, cause unnecessary worry and even affect the whole production process. < / P > < p > although Michelle has made some preparations in the early stage, her husband just needs to put her daily necessities back in, but Michelle is still very worried. However, her husband, who is usually careless, says that he has done his homework and let her put her heart in her stomach! < p > < p > watching her husband not only search for experience on the Internet, but also select carefully, and the express delivery system keeps collecting every day, so Michelle lets him prepare to go. < / P > < p > now it’s autumn. Other people prepare thicker quilts for pregnant women and babies, but the husband takes the cool summer quilt at home. < / P > < p > the most important thing is that others take the pajamas they wear after pregnancy, but what her husband brings her is the home clothes before pregnancy. When the pajamas are taken out, people in the whole room can’t help laughing. Even Michelle can’t help laughing and asks, “what do you think?” < / P > < p > > about pregnant mothers – pajamas, underwear, slippers, toiletries, paper pumps, wipes, water cups at admission, puerperal mats for inspection, chocolates, energy bars and drinking straws for production, sanitary napkins, anti overflow pads, nursing underwear, discharge clothes, hats, etc. < / P > < p > among them, the sanitary napkin must be selected and prepared by the mother to be. If the preparation is insufficient, it is difficult for others to choose. Because after delivery, the maternal will have a long period of time to discharge lochia, it is recommended to prepare a large number of long cotton and absorbent sanitary napkins or puerperal mats. < / P > < p > ★ about babies – bottles and bottle brushes, breast warmers, bottle clips, neonatal milk powder, diapers, covers, small clothes and hats, bath towels, baby cotton swabs, umbilicus stickers, gauze towels, etc. if it is summer, a small mat can be prepared. < p > < p > especially for novice dads, there will be a situation in which the second monk in law is confused. Mothers to be should not be angry and should be the “leader” of their husband and direct him to do some “physical work”. However, there are also fathers to be who are very careful and will study ahead of time. I have a colleague, her husband in the bag carefully put his wife’s favorite snacks and lipstick. One is used to replenish physical strength, the other is to replenish the complexion of his wife, which makes people feel very intimate. < / P > < p > in the early stage of pregnant women’s childbirth, if the father to be or family members are involved in the preparation, it can not only relieve the pressure of the expectant mother, but also enhance the confidence of the mother to be. What’s more, fathers to be don’t want to be scolded by their wives when their children are born. < p > < p > daily question: how are your expectant mothers getting ready for delivery? Have become the mother of the past, what are the exhortations? Welcome to leave a message. 2