What does elevated alpha fetoprotein mean? Doctor: three changes in the body, or liver lesions

I believe that most people have experienced physical examination. After physical examination, you will see that there are many items on the report sheet. Some people see alpha fetoprotein on the high side, will be very afraid, worried that there is a problem in the body, alpha fetoprotein increase, what does it mean? < / P > < p > there are many factors for the increase of alpha fetoprotein, such as germ cell tumor, liver injury, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis and so on. When the liver function is abnormal, the situation of alpha fetoprotein will be increased. Alpha fetoprotein is one of the specific markers of liver cancer. Once cancer cells appear in the liver, the value of alpha fetoprotein may be increased. Therefore, when alpha fetoprotein is increased, there is the possibility of liver cancer, but it is not completely sure that it is liver cancer. But doctors said that the increase in alpha fetoprotein is mostly a manifestation of liver disease. When the body changes abnormally, we must be alert. < / P > < p > spider nevus is the first manifestation. When there is a tumor in the liver, the capillaries will become very obvious. At this time, you will see many small red spots on the skin, which looks like spiders. If this kind of symptom appears, it may be the symptom of liver cancer. We must check it in time to find out the specific cause before symptomatic treatment. After the disease is controlled, the formation of spider nevi is inhibited. < / P > < p > yellowing is the second manifestation. Under normal circumstances, people’s faces are ruddy and shiny, and they look very energetic. But when the liver problems, the body’s bilirubin level will rise, at this time the skin will turn yellow, the eye white will also turn yellow, when this symptom appears, we need to be vigilant whether it is the performance of liver disease, it is best to check in time. Dyspepsia is the third manifestation. In fact, this kind of symptom is quite common. If you eat too much carelessly in the daily diet, you can’t digest the food, and you may have symptoms of indigestion. However, this kind of symptom may also be the manifestation of liver disease. When there is a problem of liver function, bile secretion will be abnormal. Not only dyspepsia, but also diarrhea, abdominal distension and other symptoms may occur, which should be paid attention to. < / P > < p > when the body has these symptoms, we must pay more attention to the body for a detailed examination in order to diagnose the disease. The liver is a very important part of the human body. If you don’t want to have a high level of alpha fetoprotein, you must do a good job in nourishing the liver. < / P > < p > if you want to nourish the liver, you might as well take a walk. Now it’s autumn, and it’s cool at night. After dinner, going out for a walk can not only relax your body and mind, but also improve your resistance and immunity. People who don’t like strenuous exercise can choose some soothing exercises, such as walking, Taijiquan, etc. sticking to exercise can promote blood circulation, improve liver function, and then protect liver health. < p > < p > people with healthy liver tend to have better mentality. Long term in a bad mood, it is easy to cause damage to the liver, but also lead to liver qi stagnation. Therefore, no matter what happens, we should keep a peaceful attitude and keep a happy mood, so that the Qi and blood will be unobstructed and the liver will be healthy. < / P > < p > the liver itself is a silent organ. If it is damaged, it is difficult to find its problems. So we must pay attention to observe the changes in the body, if the inspection found that alpha fetoprotein increased, must cause vigilance. When the body has bad symptoms, it is necessary to check as soon as possible to find out the cause of the disease so as to treat it as soon as possible. Daily need to do a good job in liver work, more exercise, maintain a good mood, can help to discharge liver toxins and garbage, protect the health of the liver. Focus