What does the birth warning line “guard”

Recently, in the guidance book, Li Jiheng, Minister of civil affairs, wrote that at present, due to the influence of many parties, the fertility desire of the population of the right age in China is low, the total fertility rate has fallen below the warning line, and the population development has entered a critical turning point. The total fertility rate refers to the average number of children a woman has in a country. In modern society, if the fertility rate reaches 2.1, it can maintain the fertility level of population replacement and population growth. If the fertility rate is lower than 1.5, it will fall below the warning line. At this time, it is like falling into a trap of low fertility, and it is difficult to rise again. As early as ten years ago, some scholars predicted this change. They have been worried about the huge impact of low fertility rate on family, society and national development, and have repeatedly voiced their voice to promote the reform of fertility policy. Among the people, topics such as the “few children aging trap” and “the trap of ultra-low fertility rate” have repeatedly entered the public opinion field. People have been hotly discussing the pressure of childbearing in modern society, thinking about the direction of China’s population development in the future, analyzing and commenting on the adjustment of public policies, together with issues such as marriage, education and pension, etc. Focus