What does Weiya look like after removing her make-up and turning off her filter? After seeing the appearance of plain face, netizen: temperament is very different

Which girl does not love beauty, but facial features are born, so many girls like to change their appearance and temperament through make-up. In the whole makeup, eye makeup is a very important part, our first impression of a person is often through each other’s eyes, a pair of bright eyes, can let people ignore other parts.

the main component of exquisite eye makeup is a pair of natural and slender eyelashes. Long curly eyelashes can not only enlarge your eyes, but also greatly enhance your charm. Even if your facial features are not outstanding enough, a pair of electric eyes will make you the focus.

so just the right eyelashes are the key points. After all, drooping eyelashes not only make people tired, but also make them very old. Yang Mi was given a title by netizens: electric eye fox, which has a pair of bright big eyes that are particularly provocative, but when there is no false eyelashes, the advantage of eyes will disappear immediately, and the eyes will become small and dull.

after brushing the false eyelashes, your eyes enlarge like a delicate Barbie doll, and the charm electric eye makes you unconsciously focus on her eyes.

before watching variety show, Lang Lang’s wife, Gina Mei, had been there. Her big eyes flickered very well. When her eyes were low, her eyelashes were long and thick. Xiaobian expressed her envy.

it seems that eyelashes are really important for girls’ looks. In order to find out the secret of bloggers’ good-looking eyelashes, Xiao Mo watched Weiya’s live broadcast several times a while ago, and found that Weiya’s eyelashes are not inferior to those of female stars, especially when taking photos with entertainment star Qi Wei. She can see that Weiya’s eyelashes are naturally light and better than Qi Wei.

you should know that Weiya’s eyes are small and dull, and very old. Even though her skin is still good, a pair of eyes with no facial expression make her look a lot less attractive. After seeing the appearance of plain face, no wonder netizens left a message: temperament is very different.

also has many friends in the live broadcast, “Koh Wei Ya”‘s “sunflower lashes” is especially beautiful. It is hard to know that the latest popular sunflower lashes is long time. This mascara will not wear makeup for a whole day and will not “fly leg”.

let’s see the effect of my trial, isn’t it a surprise? I’m a person who shakes my hands when I brush my eyelashes, so I brush awkward “fly legs” from time to time. But this mascara has nothing to do with the small makeup of my trembling hands, because the brush head design is small enough to brush out the curly eyelash of the roots.

and the brush head can be bent at will, for some areas of eye depression can also be well taken care of, so that the eyelash at the corner can also be lengthened by mascara.

no matter summer or autumn and winter, the makeup mascara is embarrassing. If you accidentally get it, you can speechless. In order to test whether the mascara is really waterproof and doesn’t take off makeup, little foam is sprinkled on the hand with mascara. Do you see? The moisture is on the mascara and there is no color drop.

aims at women’s eyes aging easily. This mascara also specially designed magnetic balls. Magnetic massage released by magnets can promote blood circulation in the eyes, and help eliminate the problems of fine lines and bags under the eyes. With the use of eye cream, eye cream can play a real effect.

because now I use mascara every day, so I also use my eyes to massage for a while. After a month or more, the fine lines of my eyes are lighter, and the dark circles are also lighter.

such a multifunctional mascara, no wonder that it can take a long time. Now I don’t want to use other mascara. Now the activity time is very cost-effective. Don’t miss it! Pigtail is the most delicious way to do, super simple, women often eat, beauty and beauty, delay aging