What happened to a high school student who sold a kidney because he bought a mobile phone?

If the current level of medical science and technology has reached a higher level, basically the diseases of human body can be recovered in a short time. That’s why people generally live longer. In the past, a person might have died of a small fever, and when he got sick, he would live by his own immune system. And now our medical technology has been able to handle this kind of surgery. < / P > < p > of course, China’s current medical means still have limitations. Some operations are very complicated. The real need to meet certain standards, and then for the donor and the donor’s body need to be observed for a period of time. < / P > < p > in daily life, many people only have one kidney, some people need to remove one because of organ diseases, and some people donate one of their own kidney because they want to save others. As long as the only kidney in one’s body can operate normally, it can also maintain a long-term normal condition. But only one kidney has certain disadvantages, because once the only kidney is not well protected and damaged, it is difficult for him to recover. < / P > < p > when Apple mobile phones were hot, a high school student sold his kidney and bought a mobile phone to satisfy his vanity. In order to buy his favorite mobile phone, he went to the black market alone and sold a kidney. Finally, because of the improper treatment of the wound after the operation, the high school student directly fell ill. He got his favorite mobile phone because of a kidney, but he also paid a very painful price for it. He suffered from nephrotic syndrome and was identified as grade III disabled by the hospital. < / P > < p > of course, this method of selling kidneys for mobile phones is an illegal black market transaction, so this kind of operation is generally carried out in some small clinics. Of course, the hygiene environment and doctor configuration of small clinics are very backward, which will increase the risk of renal surgery, and it is likely to lead to death. Therefore, even when we are in great need of kidney source, we should not easily believe the news of selling kidney on the Internet. Just have a look. Don’t take it seriously. < / P > < p > of course, I also read a piece of news, it said that father and mother each donated a kidney to save their own children. I think the greatest love in the world is the love of parents. A pair of parents from Hebei decided to donate a kidney to their son and daughter because their children were diagnosed with uremia. Later, the kidney transplantation was successfully completed. Of course, many netizens are worried about their parents’ health while touching the greatness of their parents’ love. < / P > < p > generally, as long as the remaining kidney can operate normally, it can also maintain a long-term normal condition. That is to say, if the unilateral kidney is completely normal, it will not have much impact on the body. However, we still need to pay attention not to do strenuous exercise, because strenuous exercise will damage the other kidney, and if the other kidney is injured, then life will be threatened. < / P > < p > each kidney has its own division of labor. After one kidney is injured, all tasks will fall on the other, so it is better for a person to have two kidneys. The two kidneys work alternately, and taking turns to rest is also good for one’s health. If there is only one kidney left, we must protect the normal kidney. < / P > < p > in a word, the body’s organs are still original. Every organ has its own function. We must take good care of our body. < / P > < p > finally, it is also an important way of life transmission. Although our medical level is not high enough so far, we believe that we can get rid of our limitations through our efforts. And I sincerely thank everyone who volunteered to donate organs. You are all heroes. Pets