What is precancerous lesion? Four common precancerous lesions, here is a summary

In this age of talk about cancer, many people are very scared when they hear about cancer. Because at present, there is no specific drug that can completely overcome cancer. Many types of cancer have a high degree of deterioration and are not detected in time in the process of development, which may continue to develop and threaten health. < / P > < p > for those who neglect physical examination and do not observe physical changes carefully, cancer may invade. In addition, there are some people with precancerous lesions, after the formation of precancerous lesions did not take measures, may continue to develop for cancer, causing physical damage. So, what is precancerous lesion? < / P > < p > many people often hear the term precancerous lesion, but they don’t know what exactly precancerous lesion is. The so-called precancerous lesion is the occurrence of certain diseases in the body, and these diseases may be closely related to certain types of cancer, which may turn into cancer and threaten health in case of continuous development. Therefore, it is necessary to treat the body with precancerous lesions immediately, and avoid the incidence rate of cancer. < / P > < p > women with cystic hyperplasia of the breast should be treated immediately. Cystic hyperplasia of the breast is also a kind of precancerous lesion. The function of mammary gland is damaged. After hyperplasia, it should be distinguished from normal hyperplasia of mammary gland, and should not be confused blindly. Many people think that cystic hyperplasia of breast is also physiological, without understanding the nature of symptomatic treatment, may develop into breast cancer, bring physical harm. Chronic atrophic gastritis appears in patients with chronic atrophic gastritis. Chronic atrophic gastritis is from the development of common gastric inflammation, and this situation also has cancer hidden danger. If we do not pay attention to the treatment, the gastric function will be damaged, and it may continue to develop. Atypical hyperplasia, intestinal metaplasia and other conditions will appear. Over time, the incidence of gastric cancer will increase. If there is such a situation, the development of chronic atrophic gastritis can be controlled through active treatment, and the damage to the stomach will be reduced, and the incidence of cancer will be reduced. < / P > < p > If adenomatous polyps of the intestine appear, they should be treated in time. Adenomatous polyps are pathological manifestations that will affect intestinal health. Adenomatous polyps can be removed by surgery. Otherwise, the volume of local polyps will gradually increase and the nature will change. Cancer cells will develop into intestinal cancer and threaten health. This is also a kind of precancerous lesions, which needs to be focused on. < / P > < p > it is found that some parts of the body have mucosal leukoplakia, which should be checked immediately and improved by reasonable treatment. Mucosal leukoplakia is also a type of precancerous lesions, which often occurs in the oral cavity. After the oral leukoplakia is produced, it is repeatedly stimulated, and may gradually develop into oral cancer. If we do not pay attention to the treatment and allow the continuous development of leukoplakia, the incidence of cancer may increase. 08/17/2020