What is the dirtiest part of a person? You are totally unexpected! Where is the cleanest place?

The dirtiest part of the human body needs to be asked. Of course, it is the dirtiest place to defecate! But in fact, there is a standard problem. Although the anus contacts stool every day, which is also the last place we want to touch, if the number of bacteria is to be distinguished, it is not necessarily! Or in other ways to distinguish, then the anus do not know where to row, might as well take a look at the human body under each standard is where the dirtiest!

what does dirty mean in general? When you take a bath, you can rub out a large piece of mud. I believe that you all know when you take a bath. Basically, the waist, the inner thigh and the arm are dirty places. The neck of a child is a disaster area. If you play down one day, there are enough lifebuoys in the neck!

but maybe many friends have overlooked a key position, that is, the head, which is the fastest place to change the new skin and dead skin on the human body surface. Even if you wash your hair every day, you can still pick out a small amount of head mud. Don’t worry, this is not real dust and mud, it’s completely the dead skin off your head! You can imagine how much more dead skin will accumulate on your head if you don’t wash your hair for three days?

the skin on the body is in contact with the outside world, so the growth of bacteria is normal. There are about 1000 different bacteria on the body surface. If the number is averaged according to the area, there are about 1 million bacteria per square centimeter, but the distribution is not uniform. For example, there are only 1000 on dry hands and arms, but millions under armpits. Where is the most and where is the least ?

there are several parts of the human body where bacteria are most active. The scalp that we just buried is one of them. It is humid after sweating, and it is not convenient to clean it up, and there is accumulated dead skin, so this is one of the favorite places for bacteria!

besides the scalp, there are also armpits and thigh roots, where there are many folds, airtight, hot and humid, so there are a lot of fungi, such as dermatophytes, yeasts, molds, etc., and Malassezia, which is the most parasitic on the body surface. This is a kind of yeast. Normally, there is no problem, but it is easy in warm and humid environment When it grows into mycelium, it is not so friendly to human body at this time!

there are also some places that are most easily overlooked. In the crevices of toes and fingernails, the colonies here include Malassezia, Aspergillus, Cryptococcus, Saccharomyces rubrum and epicoccus, and there are a lot of fungal colonies in your bare heel!

many friends have beriberi. Although your beriberi looks good now, it is always in a latent state. When it breaks out, it depends on the mood of you and the bacteria. For example, if you don’t clean up thoroughly or don’t do it in time, fungi will explode to form beriberi!

in addition to smelling bad smell, feet with beriberi also itch. More than 70% of adults have suffered from beriberi, and the author has also suffered from it. Now, I still come out to make a fuss now and then. When I was in my hometown, I didn’t know how to treat my feet. I felt much better than eating an ice-cream stick in summer! So some people will keep beriberi, just for the sake of scalding the feet!

most of the fungi causing beriberi are Trichophyton rubrum, which corrodes our skin. If they invade the deck, you will find that your nails will gradually turn into bean curd residue. That’s how beriberi turns into nails!

after finishing the dirtiest parts on the body surface, where is the dirtiest in the body? Of course, we can’t clean up the dead skin in the body. We can only compete by the number of groups. There are three places with the highest number of bacteria in the human body, which are the entrance of food passage, the place of digestion and treatment and the place of exit!

the oral cavity is one of the most important parts of the human body. Not only all the food passes through here, but also our daily communication language goes out from here. Another function is the communication between male and female friends. Oral cavity is very important!

but even after brushing your teeth, there are still hundreds of thousands of bacteria on your teeth. In an unclean mouth, there are even hundreds of millions of bacteria on each tooth. In a semi closed place like the mouth, aerobic bacteria and anaerobic bacteria coexist. Of course, your halitosis is mainly caused by the decomposition of food residues. It is estimated that you can smell the bad breath when you get up early in the morning Come on!

and the metabolites of oral bacteria can also cause serious oral discomfort, such as dental calculus. This is a problem that older friends must pay attention to. It will gradually separate gums and gums, and eventually teeth fall off. Therefore, adults should wash their teeth twice a year!

the intestinal tract is the place with the largest number of bacteria in the human body. The total number of bacteria in the human body reaches several trillion, and 90% of them are in the intestinal tract. Because the environment of the stomach is strong acidic, there are few bacteria in the stomach. There are only a few thousand bacteria per gram of food, but it is different after the intestinal tract. Immediately, it rises to tens of millions, and most of the bacteria in the intestinal tract are beneficial bacteria, of course There are also some harmless bacteria, of course, there are harmful bacteria at the same time!

beneficial bacteria are very important, because in addition to the digestive enzymes of human body, bacteria in the intestinal tract also need to decompose into sugars, amino acids and vitamins, such as Clostridium butyricum, lactic acid bacteria, Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus acidophilus, etc., and some beneficial bacteria can inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, stimulate intestinal peristalsis, promote defecation, and decompose toxic carcinogens To purify the intestinal tract and improve the immunity of human body.

so the gastrointestinal function is disordered. Doctors will try their best to transplant the beneficial bacteria in the intestines of a healthy person directly into the body by faeces transplantation, which is commonly known as “dung pill”. Do you dare to eat it?

in fact, the flora of the anus is similar to that of the intestine, but some aerobic bacteria may be added, because its environment is an occasion where the inside and outside are overlapped. In principle, exposure and ventilation are the best. However, human shame will cover up the excretion area, which leads to a worse environment!

of course, in addition to the anus, women’s vaginal environment also has bacterial flora. The resident bacteria in the vaginal ecosystem include lactobacillus, Staphylococcus epidermidis and Escherichia coli. Lactobacillus adheres to the epithelial cells of vaginal mucosa and can produce an acidic living environment. It has antagonistic effect on Escherichia coli, Bacteroides and Staphylococcus aureus, which is a beneficial flora.

it is estimated that none of the places without bacteria can be found. Previously, it was thought that the eye is the most healthy, because scientists once thought that there was no organized microbial community in the healthy eyeball. Although the bacteria in the air and hands or eyelids could enter the eyeball, they would be washed away by tears!

but on June 23, 2019, an article published on Scientific American showed that colonies also exist in our cleanest eyes, which are related to the host’s age, geographical region, race, contact lens wearing and disease status. However, this core flora only includes Staphylococcus, diphtheria, Propionibacterium and Streptococcus!

these colonies live on the surface of the eyeball and stimulate protective immunity, making many eye diseases self-healing, such as red eyes, which can be cured without intervention in 7-10 days! Pets