What is the dirtiest part of human body? 3 places. It is recommended to clean them frequently

Keeping the body clean is very important for health. Many people have a good habit of taking a bath every day. It can wash the bacteria and other dirty things on the surface of the skin, reducing the risk of disease. However, even those who pay more attention to health will inevitably fail to take into account some health dead ends. Some parts of the body are very “dirty”, so we should pay special attention to the cleaning of these parts in life to avoid leaving health risks.

hands have the closest contact with the outside world. Therefore, fingers are easy to stick with all kinds of dirty things, especially the nail gap, which is easier to accumulate dirty things. Although many people usually have the habit of washing hands, it is difficult to thoroughly clean their hands without deliberately cleaning the nail gap. When eating and rubbing eyes, the bacteria and molds in the nails invade the human body and cause various diseases.

if you want to remove the residual dirt in the cracks of your nails, you can soak your hands in water with lemon or soapy water for a short time to soften your nails and leach the dirt. After a little cleaning, you can wash them. Usually should often trim nails, avoid nails too long, in doing housework, try to wear gloves, protect hands.

many men have short hair, which is easier to clean when washing. But for women, because most of their hair is longer and more, it is difficult to clean it at one time, and it also takes a lot of energy in the cleaning process. Therefore, many women choose to wash their hair once a few days to save trouble. Because there are many microorganisms living in the scalp, such as mites, they can stimulate the scalp and secrete more oil, resulting in very greasy hair. In serious cases, they can also block the pores, causing folliculitis and even hair loss.

if you want to thoroughly clean your scalp, you can comb your hair with a comb before washing your hair. It can not only remove some of the accumulated dandruff on your scalp, but also avoid damaging your hair when washing your hair. Before shampooing, apply some olive oil on the scalp, wrap it in a towel for a few minutes, massage slightly, and then rinse with warm water. Olive oil has the function of dissolving oil, helping to remove dirt and nourishing hair. After finishing this step, wash your hair according to the usual process.

human skin is constantly metabolized. Even if there is no external dust pollution, there will be more metabolites on the skin surface, especially in the wrinkled parts of the skin, such as groin, armpit and so on. The skin is in a hot environment, which is more likely to hide dirt. If it is not cleaned in time, it can accumulate a large number of harmful substances such as bacteria, causing dermatitis, dermatophytes and other diseases. Therefore, for armpit, groin and other fold parts, in the bath should focus on cleaning.

the above parts are easy to hide filth, so we should focus on cleaning and nursing in our life. It should be noted that excessive cleaning is not advisable for any part. If too many cleaning products are used in the cleaning process, it can stimulate the sebaceous glands, cause the skin to become dry, and even have the risk of dry dermatitis.

in addition to the above parts, the oral cavity, nasal cavity and other parts of the human body are also easy to be invaded by bacteria and other harmful substances. We should clean these parts well at ordinary times, so as not to leave hidden dangers to our health. 08/16/2020