What is the feeling of a woman’s first pregnancy? Is there any change?

The feeling of the first pregnancy is very complex. There are joy, tension, happiness and sadness. The process is wonderful and beautiful, but the pain is memorable. I think this is probably an important and unforgettable experience for every mother. < / P > < p > the first time I learned about pregnancy was that I took the early pregnancy test paper and tested it for several mornings. Finally, I saw a shallow bar with more than one. I didn’t dare to tell my husband or tell other people that I was a little worried about blowing my beard. It’s been two days since I was pregnant. < p > < p > later, he quietly told her husband about her pregnancy and told him not to tell her about it. She told her father-in-law and mother-in-law immediately. As a result, she became popular after six weeks of pregnancy. The whole early pregnancy on a variety of bedridden, this period of mood is simply from small joy to small sadness. Fortunately, my family came to accompany me and passed the early pregnancy smoothly. < / P > < p > I had exciting fetal movement in the second trimester of pregnancy. I really felt the existence of fetal baby every day. I felt very magical. I had someone to accompany me wherever I went. I felt very happy. < p > < p > Da Pai said that my baby’s double renal pelvis separation, Jiabao’s mother had too much amniotic fluid. The doctor asked me to do a sheep’s wear, which made me feel nervous and depressed. Later, because the baby had been 24 weeks afraid of the impact of sheep wearing, I reviewed the color Doppler ultrasound, and the double renal pelvis index and amniotic fluid index did not increase, and my small heart was relieved a lot. In the third trimester of pregnancy, my body is heavy, with various backache and backache, and I can’t sleep well. The doctor always says that I am overweight and in a good mood. I dare not eat fruits and cakes every day. This is really sad for food. < / P > < p > the closer the baby is born, the more nervous he is, always worried about whether he will have dystocia. The fact is really difficult to give birth, with forceps, really good pain, fortunately the baby is OK, holding the baby is very happy. Pregnant in October, I am very grateful for the arrival of the child. < p > < p > the general response to early pregnancy will start at 5 weeks of gestation, 6 weeks of gestation, and continue to 12 weeks to 16 weeks of gestation. Each pregnant mother may have individual differences, so there will be some differences. < / P > < p > during pregnancy, a woman’s breast will experience a secondary development to prepare for later lactation. It is normal for the mother’s breast in the early pregnancy to have swelling pain and sensitivity. Pay attention to timely replacement of appropriate bra to avoid affecting breast development. < / P > < p > some pregnant mothers will have low back pain with the change of hormone level and the aggravation of body burden during pregnancy. The situation of every pregnant mother may be different. Some mothers may feel this kind of feeling until the third trimester of pregnancy, while some mothers will feel backache throughout pregnancy. < / P > < p > with the gradual growth of the fetus, the pelvis of the pregnant mother will also change for the baby’s birth. The influence of hormone level will make the pregnant mother look wider than before, which is also preparation for delivery. < / P > < p > in the late pregnancy, the vision of pregnant mothers will be more sensitive. During this period, the vision of pregnant mothers is easy to decline. Often looking at mobile phones and computers will make pregnant mothers’ eyesight feel tired and easy to reduce their eyesight. During pregnancy, because the growth of uterus oppresses the bladder, the pregnant mother will have frequent urination, which is obvious in the early and late pregnancy. Some mothers even urinate frequently throughout pregnancy. < / P > < p > the biggest psychological change is that you feel that you have a little life in your stomach, especially when you have fetal movement, you will feel the magic of life, and you want to feel the baby every day. < / P > < p > sometimes, the results of prenatal examination are always unsatisfactory, such as poor screening, high sugar tolerance, and abnormal other indexes. Every result of prenatal examination affects the mood of pregnant mothers. It is estimated that only pregnant mothers can understand the tense and anxious mood of prenatal examination. < / P > < p > suddenly there is a big black line on the belly, which is thick and ugly. Hair grows suddenly on the belly, like a kiwi fruit, and pregnancy marks grow suddenly on the belly, like a split watermelon. These changes in the body will also make pregnant mothers feel depressed. The original smooth skin suddenly is not smooth, and the original white skin is suddenly not white, which will make the pregnant mothers who love beauty sad 。 In fact, in addition to the psychological changes brought about by these frequent pregnancy conditions, the most important thing is that pregnant mothers feel as if they have accepted a mission – that is, to ensure the safe and healthy birth of children. I think this is a normal psychological state that all pregnant mothers will have, and every pregnant mother is full of expectations for their small life. CUISINE&HEALTH