What is the relationship between hand pain and menopause? What is the relevant performance? How to improve pain?

Many female sexual reaction, to menopause, often appear finger pain phenomenon, suspected before the two, there is a certain connection. This idea is very reasonable. Women into menopause, all kinds of joint and muscle inflammation, it is easy to find the door, with estrogen deficiency.

menopause is the most prominent feature of women entering menopause. No menstruation means that the ovaries are rapidly going downhill. The older the ovary, the less estrogen in the female body, the greater the impact on skeletal muscle.

the root cause of female finger pain is the lack of estrogen, and there are many incentives. With the decrease of female hormone, the female’s body function will be reduced, the immunity and resistance will be reduced, and the function and defense of finger tendon will be reduced. It is easy to be worn out in the activity and cause inflammation, which will lead to pain.

the decrease of bone mineral density and structural changes of finger joints are another cause of finger pain in women. The decrease of bone mineral density is due to the influence of hormone and the increase of osteoclast activity, which leads to a large amount of bone absorption. The utilization rate of calcium ion decreases. If the speed of bone synthesis fails to catch up with the speed of absorption, the structure will change. Tendon is attached to the joint, which will also be affected, resulting in functional pain.

hand pain is caused by tenosynovitis. Besides this symptom, tenosynovitis has many manifestations. Some women’s fingers are stiff, inflexible when bending and straightening, or when they move their fingers, they can hear sounds. Shoulder pain, but also female menopause with tenosynovitis, often occurs. The pain gets stronger at night and weakens during the day.

some women may have symptoms of swelling and pain in their ankles, indicating that tenosynovitis occurs near the ankle joint. Women can’t turn the ankle joint at this time, or press the red and swollen parts, which will aggravate the pain. If tenosynovitis is very serious, inflamed parts inside will fester, affect normal activity, not timely treatment, can appear joint deformity.

female menopause, estrogen decreased, not only easy to get tenosynovitis, but also prone to osteoporosis, also can cause local pain. Low back pain is the most common condition in women, indicating that the vertebrae is greatly affected. When feeling pain, the female cannot do the intensity too big movement, can aggravate the pain, causes the movement barrier.

in addition to bone and muscle pain, there will also be systemic symptoms, such as physical fatigue, easy to feel tired. Because of the decline in muscle and bone capacity, women can’t bear heavy loads and can’t walk for too long.

since body pain is related to menopause, we can start from the root causes to adjust the estrogen level in women. Women can take preparations containing estrogen and progesterone, which can effectively improve the estrogen content in the body, stabilize the metabolism of bone and muscle, and reduce the risk of inflammation and bone deformation.

symptomatic treatment is helpful to improve pain. The pain is caused by tendinitis and can be treated with anti-inflammatory drugs. Anti inflammatory drugs should have the function of inhibiting inflammation and relieving symptoms. If the pain is caused by osteoporosis, women should supplement vitamin D and calcium ion, which can promote bone regeneration and reduce bone loss.

there are also some physical ways to relieve pain. Women can do cold compress or hot compress, to adjust the blood circulation of pain area, enhance local metabolism and cell regeneration. But also to extend the rest time, try not to let the pain site stress, can shorten the pain subside time. 2