What is the stomach disease culprit, what is the stomach bodyguard, these you all know? We must make a clear distinction

Introduction: stomach is the digestive organ of human body. There will be a certain loss of appetite, but also may have acid reflux, nausea or vomiting, or stomach pain and other symptoms. Don’t underestimate the stomach, stomach pain up very uncomfortable, the following several kinds of damage to the stomach, how many do you have? Smoking may aggravate the occurrence of stomach diseases. Nicotine in cigarettes can stimulate the secretion of gastric mucosa and lead to gastritis. Therefore, patients with gastritis are advised to give up smoking and drinking as much as possible to avoid aggravating pneumonia. In the long run, it is easy to cause gastric mucosa and gastric ulcer. Too spicy food will stimulate gastric mucosa, causing congestion of gastric mucosa, accelerating gastrointestinal peristalsis, abdominal pain, diarrhea or constipation. It should be light, mixed with meat and vegetables as much as possible, to avoid eating too stimulating food, and learn to be restrained, even if it is delicious. Pumpkin edible pumpkin. Pumpkin is a kind of food with high starch content and fiber content, which is also rich in vitamin pectin, which is very good for human body. After being cooked, pumpkin is very delicate and soft, with high nutritional value. People with stomach disease can also eat it without causing burden on the stomach. Therefore, the stomach is not delicious. Pumpkin is very healthy and will not aggravate the digestion burden of stomach, And can eat full stomach, heat is not high, take as staple food to eat no problem. Good mood is one of the important roles in determining the quality of gastrointestinal function. If the stomach is not good, it will lead to the decrease of appetite, and the symptoms of abdominal distension and dyspepsia will appear. Maintaining a stable and happy mood can promote the normal operation of the gastrointestinal system. Therefore, friends with stomach diseases should be happy, be content and have a broad mind If you are in trouble, you should have a broad mind and always keep a stable, peaceful, relaxed and happy attitude. Drink a cup of “stomach protection” tea every day, and a cup of clove monkey mushroom tea every day. Hericium erinaceus has a unique digestive system protection, adjustment and repair functions, not only can help us gastrointestinal digestion, liver and spleen and stomach, relieve hunger and thirst, eliminate toxins and other functions. For patients with poor appetite and frequent nausea, it can not only eliminate harmful toxins to the body, but also significantly improve appetite. Hericium erinaceus contains rich polysaccharides and polypeptides Fatty substances. It can inhibit the composition of a kind of genetic material in the disease cells, so as to prevent and treat the occurrence of digestive tract diseases and other diseases. Hericium erinaceus contains a variety of amino acids and rich polysaccharides, which can help stomach digestion. Hericium erinaceus has a good curative effect on strengthening the stomach and tonifying deficiency, disease resistance and kidney essence. Barley: a kind of food with a lot of dietary fiber can effectively promote intestinal peristalsis and gastric juice secretion, so as to relieve constipation, dyspepsia, food accumulation and abdominal distension. < p > < p > gastric ulcer can be effectively alleviated and inhibited by clove flower Hericium erinaceus tea. In the experimental experiment of rats, the essential oil and eugenol produced by gastric ulcer can effectively improve the metabolism of gastric mucosa, but maintain the acidity without increasing. Eugenol is a specific anti ulcer component. Jianwei Xiaoshi, can reduce abdominal flatulence, improve digestion and absorption work, relieve nausea and vomiting. Conclusion: clove Hericium erinaceus tea has the effect of tonifying kidney and strengthening yang, and it is very effective. The effect of warm kidney ginger mud, when improper diet, or when the spirit is too nervous, you can drink some clove monkey mushroom tea. It can prevent the decline of digestive function. And help to improve the symptoms of spleen and stomach deficiency cold, but also to give up bad diet and rest time, and ensure that three meals a day fixed quantity. HEALTHY LIFE