What symptom does fetal enter basin? Five feelings most mothers to be have. Do you feel them

With the increase of gestational weeks, the more late pregnancy, the pregnant mother will be more nervous, and at the end of pregnancy will also feel abdominal tightness or abdominal pain, this is a normal phenomenon, it may be that the fetal head is going down, so they will feel abdominal pain. < / P > < p > for novice mothers, “entering the basin” is a new concept, and they do not know what it is like to enter the basin. If they do not know whether they feel right or not, they will become very anxious, for fear that their own feelings will affect the fetus. < / P > < p > decrease in uterine height: at about nine months, the pregnant mother will feel the stomach is very big, and the uterine height will be at the highest point during pregnancy, but it will drop to a certain height when the fetus goes down. < p > < p > irregular contractions: uterine contractions are the most common manifestations of labor, but we should make clear the false contractions and true contractions. Regular pains are the real contractions. If it is false contractions, pregnant women should not be too nervous, so as not to be nervous and affect the development of the fetus. < / P > < p > frequent urination: the symptoms of late pregnancy will be very obvious, at the same time, edema, low back pain and other symptoms will be aggravated, especially when the fetus enters the basin, the uterus will oppress the bladder, resulting in frequent urination of pregnant mothers. < / P > < p > improved appetite: as the fetal position will gradually decline after entering the basin, thus reducing the pressure on the stomach, the pregnant mother’s appetite will also become better, and they can eat some food they like appropriately. < / P > < p > on time: in the third trimester of pregnancy, the prenatal examination should be more frequent, especially the fetus grows faster, and there will be different changes every week. We should regularly observe whether the fetus can enter the basin smoothly and whether the fetal position is normal. < / P > < p > reasonable diet: at this time, when it comes to the critical period of entering the basin, we must pay attention to the reasonable diet, and control the carbohydrate and high calorie food to avoid the fetus growing too fast and affecting the normal labor. We can eat more high protein food to prepare for delivery. < / P > < p > the time when the fetus enters the basin is not fixed, or early or late, and some pregnant women will react before labor, so don’t be too tangled. After the fetus enters the basin smoothly, the pregnant mother can choose the left lying position, which can not only reduce the pressure of the fetus, but also improve the blood reflux of the pregnant woman and alleviate the symptoms of hypoxia. < / P > < p > in a word, we can’t regard entering the basin as the only condition for fetal production. We should judge it according to our own situation. Sometimes, doctors can only know whether they are in the basin, which is not something we can feel. < / P > < p > – I am a small skin nursery Sutra, a nursery teacher, a working mother, and a code word for bringing a baby. I am a high-quality original author of multi platform, and a fan of pregnancy, child care and children’s psychological research= https://luanban.com/category/beautyskin-care/ target=_ blank>BEAUTY&SKIN CARE