What treatment method does gastric cancer have? Can it be cured? The cure rate depends on these four factors

Chemotherapy can quickly kill tumor cells, but this method can kill tumor cells at the same time, it will also kill some normal tissues, which has a relatively huge side effect, chemotherapy is a lot of patients will have great pain. But this does not mean that the treatment is ineffective. On the contrary, chemotherapy can kill cancer cells very effectively and control cancer. Molecular targeted therapy is mainly based on different molecular targets of tumor cells. This kind of drug is mainly to control tumor, can make the tumor gradually shrink, or control the tumor in a moderate range, in order to prolong the life of patients. < / P > < p > immunotherapy is mainly a therapy for the body’s immune system, which does not require intervention of tumor cells, but gradually strengthens the immune system in the body, allowing the immune system to actively attack tumor cells. Radiation therapy, like chemotherapy, is one of the main means to treat cancer, but it is also likely to have an impact on normal cells, although not as strong side effects as chemotherapy directly killing normal cells. But its impact is also enormous. Surgical treatment is generally used when chemotherapy and radiotherapy can not effectively control cancer. In addition, surgical treatment can also be used to remove local malignant tumors in the early stage, so as to achieve the purpose of curing cancer. At the same time of surgical treatment, radiotherapy and chemotherapy are generally required. Gastric cancer is a cancer that attacks in the stomach, but the stomach is also divided into several small parts. This different part, there will be obvious difference, treatment effect will be different. It can be said that no one wants to see cancer cell metastasis, because once cancer cell metastasis occurs, it means that it is not only a single part of the cancer. It is likely that cancer in the primary site and cancer cells in several nearby organs and tissues need to be controlled. < / P > < p > generally, the size of malignant tumor directly determines the development degree of malignant tumor. Generally, small malignant tumor can be directly removed by surgery, and the possibility of recovery is relatively large. However, if it is a large tumor, it is likely to recur after resection, which directly affects the possibility of cure. For patients with gastric cancer, the more difficult it is to treat the cancer, the more difficult it is to treat the cancer. < / P > < p > the above treatments are often targeted at patients with advanced gastric cancer. Therefore, patients with advanced gastric cancer must establish good confidence and maintain a good attitude to face cancer. No matter what kind of cancer it is, as long as they do not give up, there is still the possibility of cure. They should maintain the best state and actively cooperate with doctors to overcome it. Focus