What’s special about the body maintenance of an actor? In the face of loose skin, how can she deal with it

Cynthia Kay graduated from the famous drama school of deboro University. She is a very successful actress. She has been a leading actress in a famous Hollywood TV series. She is a woman who likes to be a professional performer very much. When she was in college, she was different from other students. She liked to go to the library to read poetry and dramatic literature.

I wanted to be an actress when she was young. In order to be an actress, she works hard to exercise her body and maintain her skin. She insists on exercising every morning. After a day’s exercise, she will feel a great sense of achievement. She likes to lift weights and push because she can work out her upper or lower body at the same time, combined with aerobic exercise. Now when she finds that her skin is a little flabby, she will do some high-intensity aerobic exercise, especially abdominal exercise. She will focus on her upper body.

for holidays, many people forget to exercise, but she tries to integrate holidays into exercise. Running on the sea is also a very easy thing. If you want to travel, don’t give yourself an excuse not to exercise. Try yoga and Pilates during the holidays.

she has no special way of eating. Because she likes to travel, she has tried a lot of food culture. Her diet as long as to ensure that the daily intake of nutrients to meet her activity needs.

she now conveys a positive and optimistic attitude towards life to her fans through social media. Dreams are great, so we have to pursue them bravely. However, we can’t predict the process of reaching our goals. If you like, every experience will become your unique memory. In the future, you will thank yourself for your efforts.

weight loss is an impressive achievement, but those who lose weight seriously often leave a lot of loose skin, which may have a negative impact on appearance and quality of life.

skin is the largest organ in your body, which forms a protective barrier to the environment. The innermost layer of the skin consists of proteins, including collagen and elastin. Collagen makes up 80% of the skin, with compactness and strength. Elastin provides elasticity and helps keep your skin tight.

during weight gain, the skin expands, providing room for growth in the abdomen and other parts of the body. Pregnancy is an example of this expansion. Skin expansion during pregnancy takes several months and usually retracts within a few months of the baby’s birth. In contrast, most overweight and obese people gain extra weight over the years, usually as early as childhood or adolescence. When the skin has been severely stretched and maintained in this state for a long time, the collagen and elastin fibers will be damaged. As a result, they lost the ability to retract.

so when someone loses weight, the extra skin will come down from the body. In general, the greater the weight loss, the more obvious the effect of skin relaxation. In addition, patients undergoing weight-loss surgery form less new collagen, which is quite different from that in young and healthy skin.

length of overweight: generally, the longer someone is overweight or obese, the looser the skin after weight loss due to the loss of elastin and collagen. Weight loss: weight loss of 100 pounds or more usually results in skin suspension greater than weight loss. Age: older skin has lower collagen content than younger skin and tends to become more relaxed after weight loss. Genetics: genes may affect the skin’s response to weight gain and loss. Smoking: smoking can reduce the production of collagen and destroy the existing collagen, leading to skin relaxation and sagging.

physical discomfort: too much skin may cause discomfort and interfere with normal activities. Skin irritation: one study found that 124 people asked for plastic surgery to tighten their skin after weight-loss surgery, and 44% of them reported skin pain caused by flabby skin. Poor body image: skin relaxation caused by weight loss will have a negative impact on body image and mood.

regular strength training is one of the ways to improve muscle quality. In addition to helping you burn more calories, increasing muscle mass may also help improve the appearance of flabby skin.

collagen hydrolysate is very similar to gelatin. Collagen hydrolysate may have protective effect on collagen of skin. Collagen hydrolysates are also known as hydrolyzed collagen. It’s powdered and can be purchased in natural food stores or online.

protein: sufficient protein is essential for healthy skin. Amino acids lysine and proline play a direct role in the production of collagen.

water: keeping enough water can improve the appearance of the skin. One study found that women who increased their daily water intake had significant improvements in skin moisture and function. 08/16/2020