What’s the difference between a 25 day visit and a 35 day visit? Who grows old first?

Some people will come early, and some people will postpone. Compared with 35 days, there is a difference of 10 days between 25 days and 35 days. We all know that a new life is produced by the combination of sperm and egg, and the egg will be discharged before and after menstruation. Therefore, when a woman begins to have menstruation, it will be better It means that she has the ability to have children. Menstruation is very important for the health of women’s uterus and ovaries. By comparison, women who come once in 25 days are slightly more likely to get pregnant than women who come once in 35 days. At this time, friends with a longer menstrual cycle will worry about whether they will not get pregnant easily? This is not too much to worry about, as long as the menstrual cycle is normal and not accompanied by other obvious abnormal reactions, this is normal. < / P > < p > there are also some female friends who have doubts about the length of their menstrual cycle. For example, a patient once asked why she came to her aunt in her thirties, while almost all of her friends came in their twenties. She was worried about whether she had any problems with her cycle more than others. In fact, everyone’s menstrual cycle is different from person to person, in the normal menstruation before and after a week, that is, 21-35 days are normal. Therefore, as long as everyone has their own cycle, no other abnormal symptoms, it is not too nervous. < / P > < p > there is another problem that everyone will worry about, that is, will the speed of aging be affected by the menstrual cycle? Before there was a patient asked: “doctor, I heard people say that if the menstrual cycle is short, it will grow old quickly. Is this true?” I asked her, “what do you think?” She said: “I don’t know, but my menstrual cycle is relatively short, usually less than 25 days will come, so menopause will be earlier? It’s going to age fast I replied with a smile, “as long as you are young, you will not age so easily.” Is the length of the menstrual cycle necessarily related to the aging rate of our women? < / P > < p > in fact, there are not many studies that can prove that the length of the menstrual cycle is closely related to the speed of our aging. It is often believed that the number of menstrual cycles in a woman’s life is fixed. If the cycle is short, it will definitely lead to early menopause and accelerate the speed of aging. If the cycle is long, it will delay menopause and delay aging. Therefore, people who come once in 25 days will get older faster than those who come once in 35 days. This view is unscientific, there is no specific scientific basis to verify this view is correct, so short menstrual cycle may not be older than long menstrual cycle. < / P > < p > I hope you don’t blindly believe that there is no scientific basis. As long as your menstrual cycle is normal and regular, your body is in a healthy state. And want to keep young, anti-aging friends, keep a happy mood and good attitude is also very important Oh. 08/16/2020