What’s the difference between having a second child and having a first child? Every word is said to treasure mother’s heart!

Most Baoma mothers feel that having a second child is not the same as giving birth to Dabao. When giving birth to a second child, I will try my best to satisfy myself if I want to eat anything. When having a second child into the delivery room, I’m not so nervous. After all, I have experience and I’m not afraid of panic. What’s more, the things prepared for the baby are more complete, and they can take care of the second child more attentively. And most importantly, for the postpartum body, almost completely ignored. Because having a second child means that the family is stable. < p > < p > when pregnant with a second child, I am always worried about accidents when I am old. Pregnant with the first child when confused, young do not understand, not nervous at all. < p > < p > Ms. Li, 39 years old, was pregnant for a long time and finally got a second child. She was very happy. However, Ms. Li did not sleep well throughout her pregnancy, and her heart was hard to be steady. Ms. Zhang said that when she was pregnant with a second child, she was always greedy and wanted to eat chili. Although, also know that eating pepper is not good, pregnant should not eat. However, in order to satisfy his craving, he could only beg her husband to buy a kebab and rinse off the pepper with water after buying it. Finally, just chew a few mouthfuls in the mouth, taste a sudden spicy, spit out the meat kebab. However, in fact, pregnant women should avoid eating either the first or the second child. Pregnant women should eat light food, pay attention to food hygiene, and do not eat what should not be eaten, such as pepper, instant noodles, pickled vegetables, etc. In short, it is the most scientific diet to follow the doctor’s advice. < / P > < p > some Baoma mothers accidentally conceived a second child, and they were not prepared psychologically and in life. In particular, when Dabao is still young and needs to be taken care of by her mother at home, Baoma takes care of Dabao, cares about housework, and works hard to serve adults and children. At the same time, she has to bear physical discomfort and the pain of pregnancy reaction during pregnancy. This feeling is very uncomfortable. < / P > < p > during the whole pregnancy period, when pregnant with a second child, they are very casual in raising the fetus. They don’t care much about the control of the body and don’t worry about whether they will be fat after childbirth. After all, if you have a second child, your family will be more stable. This kind of mentality is totally different from that when you have one child before. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!