When a cell phone is charged, the radiation is 1000 times as usual? The truth is open to the public

There is a rumor in the mobile phone industry that the lower the cell phone power, the stronger the radiation? When a cell phone is charged, the radiation is 1000 times as much as usual. Is this the truth?

in fact, the radiation intensity of a mobile phone has nothing to do with the power level, only with the signal strength. Generally speaking, the worse the cell phone signal, the stronger the radiation.

Yes, it is true. But at present, all the regular mobile phone products meet the national electromagnetic radiation standards. Even if the mobile phone is connected to the phone when the signal is very poor, the radiation value generated is very low, and there is no harm to human body.

but not ionizing radiation, with low energy, can not ionize atoms, so it has less damage to human body, including microwave, radio wave, etc., and mobile phone is also non ionizing radiation.

the radio waves sent by mobile phones to base stations are more or less absorbed by our bodies, forming mobile phone radiation. But compared with the frequency of ionizing radiation such as X-ray, the radiation frequency of mobile phone is very low. There’s no need to panic about cell phone radiation. 08/16/2020