When a woman is old, the “1 stink, 2 less, 3 big” on her body may appear slowly. May you not

From the perspective of the whole human race, aging is a normal process, but when it comes to everyone, more or less some people will resist. After all, it’s what happens to them that they care most about. Women, in particular, have always loved beauty. When they were young, they were never allowed to have a wrinkle on their face. They took care of their skin every day and went to beauty salons. < / P > < p > but with the growth of age, the skin will slowly droop, the loss of collagen, the old state of the body can not be hidden. In fact, everyone will usher in this stage, no matter how much we attach importance to maintenance, it can only delay the arrival of aging, and can not refuse the arrival of aging. < / P > < p > when aging comes, what we should do is not to be sad, not to regret, not to break the pot, but to cheer up, calm down, and supplement the nutrients that are losing faster in the body through appropriate methods. < / P > < p > if there are people with serious halitosis around, I believe everyone will feel bad, because our nose has always been sensitive, and we can quickly catch some peculiar smell and odor, and produce nausea and nausea symptoms. But halitosis is also very common, especially after we get older. Even if we brush our teeth on time every day, it is difficult to avoid it. At this time, halitosis is caused not only by oral hygiene, but also by gastrointestinal degradation and increased toxins in the body. < / P > < p > we usually see young people with thick hair, but how long can this state last? 40 years old? 50 years old? With the coming of aging, we will find that our hair is more and more fragile, easy to break, and less and less hair. This kind of phenomenon usually begins to appear from about 28 years old. With the gradual growth of age, hormone disorder, renal function decline, hair will fall off and turn white. < / P > < p > when some female friends are young, they always think that menstruation is a troublesome thing, but with the growth of age, you will realize that not menstruation is more troublesome, especially after the age of 40, if the amount of menstruation decreases or does not come, it may be that your body is reminding you that menopause is coming. This is also a symbol that women are about to enter the old age. I hope you can supplement estrogen as soon as possible and maintain the uterus. < / P > < p > it’s a dream for many people to have white and neat teeth. Those who were born with neat teeth can never understand the psychology of people with crooked teeth. However, with the growth of age, no one has to envy anyone, because everyone’s teeth will become bigger and their teeth are not as neat as they were when they were young. This is because when people grow old, their gums will shrink, which is also related to the deficiency of kidney qi. < / P > < p > in the past, if a woman’s buttocks were big, she would become the object of envy. But did you know that after the age of 40, women would experience the buttocks getting bigger, but this “bigger” is not what they expected. Because this is the “mark” left by skin aging and sagging on them. No one wants it, but no one can refuse it. However, persisting in hip training may delay the time of hip loosening. < / P > < p > female friends have high requirements for their own body. When men of the same age are not mature, adolescent girls have begun to lose weight. It seems that women are dealing with losing weight all their lives. However, with the growth of age, they will find that their efforts can not get equal returns, because even if they control their diet every day, eat less and move more, their weight will still remain high, especially their small bellies, and a large amount of fat will accumulate. < / P > < p > conclusion: it’s a woman’s nature to love beauty. If you have the above signs of “early aging”, I hope you can pay attention to your diet, eat less greasy, high sugar, high salt food, eat more dairy products, fruits and vegetables that have the effect of beauty and beauty. At the same time, you should also pay attention to strengthen exercise, increase muscle and shape. Focus