When buying chestnuts, is it better to choose round ones or flat ones? Li Nong: don’t choose the wrong one. It’s a waste of money

When buying chestnuts, is it better to choose flat ones or round ones? Li Nong: don’t make a mistake. It’s a waste of money. Early autumn is the season for a large number of chestnuts to go on the market. Passing by the stir fry shop, I can smell the fragrance of chestnuts from afar. Bright chestnuts are put on the table. The golden chestnut meat and the sweet taste of sweet noodles are really greedy!

chestnut is known as the “king of dried fruits”. Now the weather is getting colder, so we need to supplement more protein, carbohydrate and other substances than usual. Chestnut is rich in these substances. Eating a few a day can not only provide more energy for the body, but also keep warm.

Nowadays, a large number of Chinese chestnuts are on the market. Many friends are not good at selecting Chinese chestnuts. Sometimes the appearance of Chinese chestnuts is bright and full, but it is shriveled and bitter when they are ready at home. So today, I’d like to share with you the knowledge about Chinese chestnuts, from selection to peeling and then to storage, to help you solve the problems about Chinese chestnuts in a one-stop way. After you learn, you’ll never know them again Not afraid to buy inferior chestnut!

most of my friends like big chestnuts with bright and glossy skin when they choose them. They think that such chestnuts are fresh. In fact, this selection method is wrong. The really delicious chestnuts should be like this.

friends who have eaten chestnuts all know that there are three shapes of chestnuts. One is round without edges and corners, the other is round on one side, and the other is flat on both sides. At this time, we should choose the first two, not flat chestnuts. Because in the growth process of chestnut, as long as the time of sunlight exposure is sufficient, it will accumulate higher sugar and taste more sweet. Flat chestnut is usually sandwiched in the middle of round chestnut, and the time of sunlight exposure is short, so the taste is naturally not as sweet as round chestnut.

this method is to judge whether the flesh of Chinese chestnut is full. If the peel of Chinese chestnut is firm, it means that the flesh inside is relatively full. When pinching, it can be easily pressed into a pit, which means that the kernel inside has been dried, which may be a long time stock. If you can hear the sound of shaking Chinese chestnut, it also means that the kernel inside has been dried, and the quality and taste are not good Well, it’s not recommended.

many people think that the chestnut with glossy skin is fresh. In fact, it’s a big mistake. The real fresh chestnut is covered with a layer of fluff on the peel, and the surface doesn’t look bright. Especially at the bottom of the chestnut, the more fluff, the fresher it is. On the contrary, if the tail is smooth and the skin is less fluffy and glossy, it may be old chestnut, so it’s not recommended to buy it.

although chestnuts are delicious, it’s really hard to peel them. Especially after peeling off the outer peel, there is a thin brown peel firmly adhered to the pulp inside. It’s very troublesome to pick them one by one with your nails every time. If you do chestnut at home, how to deal with chestnut in order to better peel it? I’ll teach you a trick. After washing the bought chestnuts, soak them in hot water for a while, and then freeze them in the refrigerator. After a series of operations, the inner and outer peels of chestnuts can be easily peeled off. In fact, this principle is very simple, that is, heat expansion and cold contraction. If you learn it, you can try it.

fresh chestnut is not easy to store, it is easy to germinate and deteriorate when it is wet, and it is easy to shrivel and grow insects when it is dry. How to save it? Many friends will directly put them in the refrigerator. In fact, the correct way is to put the chestnuts in a sunny place for drying, and then seal them in the refrigerator to keep them for a long time.

Finally, I would like to remind you that although chestnuts are sweet and delicious, they are not easy to digest. Especially for children or friends with weak spleen and stomach, we should control the amount of chestnuts. It is suggested that we should not eat more than 10 chestnuts every day! Pregnant dream “Golden Dragon” is about to “give birth to a boy”? You think too much, the function of fetal dream is not here