When female is old, the body “1 loose 1 ache 2 big” very outstanding, if not, congratulation is still very young

For female friends, there is no more attractive than eternal youth and appearance, but unfortunately, aging is fair to everyone, and it is impossible for everyone to escape the waste of time.

since the age of 25, the collagen in the skin of women is slowly losing, and there are various problems in the skin. After 30 years old, the estrogen in the body decreases rapidly, and the pace of aging will become faster and faster. In the face of aging, women should accept it calmly.

when a woman enters the aging state, the body will also send you a warning. Once the signal is detected, corresponding conditioning measures should be taken in time to help slow down the pace of aging.

the younger a woman is, the better her skin elasticity is. The skin of a newborn child is very delicate and even can be broken by blowing bullets. But as you get older, you’ll get spots, pimples, wrinkles.

a woman’s skin condition is an important indicator to measure human aging. The way to test the elasticity of your skin is very simple. Pinch the skin on the back of your hand with your thumb and index finger.

if the skin is released after 10 seconds, the skin can recover rapidly, which indicates that the skin is still very elastic; however, if the skin can not be restored to its original state within 5 seconds, it indicates that the female skin is gradually becoming loose and has insufficient elasticity, which is also a sign of aging.

climbing stairs is a common thing in daily life, but this common behavior can tell whether women are beginning to age. If you climb a few stairs or walk a little longer, your knees will ache, indicating that your bones are gradually going downhill.

especially for women after middle age, the gradual decrease of estrogen in the body will affect the absorption of calcium, accelerate the loss of calcium, and lead to osteoporosis. Therefore, attention should be paid to bone maintenance in daily life.

many women will find that they have not increased their food as before, but their weight has increased significantly, especially in their stomachs.

when your abdomen is particularly prominent, it means that you have entered an aging state, because the metabolism of the body is declining and the speed of blood circulation is slowing down, it is easy to cause harmful substances to accumulate in the body.

fat begins to accumulate in the body, so you will get fat. If you don’t eat more, but your stomach is getting bigger and bigger, please be vigilant. This is a prominent manifestation of aging.

there is also a close relationship between the enlargement of the nose and the aging of women, and many people ignore the issue of enlarged nose. With the growth of age, the muscles of the human body will slowly relax, the collagen begins to lose, and the support of cartilage tissue becomes weak.

many female friends like to stay up late to pursue drama. They often go to sleep in the early morning. If there is not enough rest time at night, they will feel drowsy and mentally tired during the day.

staying up late for a long time will affect the detoxification and repair of the internal organs of the body. If you don’t go to sleep at night, all organs are working overtime, which will only increase the risk of physical disease.

women who stay up late for a long time will have obvious dark circles after getting up in the morning, which will lead to larger pores and more wrinkles.

heavy taste food is popular among the public, which can improve appetite and satisfy people’s taste buds. However, sodium and chloride ions in heavy taste food are relatively high.

sodium ions exist in the blood and body fluids of the human body, protecting the osmotic pressure, acid-base balance and water balance of the human body. If you eat too much salt, the increase of sodium ions will lead to water loss of facial cells, skin relaxation and wrinkles.

medical experts remind that eating too much salt will not only cause high blood pressure, but also affect people’s appearance. If you want a good skin, you should not only add more water, but also eat less heavy taste food. The daily salt content should not exceed 6G.

Nowadays, women are engaged in mental work. Sitting at their desks is all day long, and they don’t even have time to drink water and go to the toilet. This will not only reduce the body, but also make the body more and more fat.

when the body’s metabolic rate gradually decreases, it will affect the discharge of toxic waste, harmful substances in the body will deposit at the bottom of the skin, and the skin will accelerate aging, and even grow a large number of spots.

if you don’t want to get old and speed up, you are advised to get rid of the bad habit of sitting and not exercising, which may be more helpful to maintain skin and delay aging.

women who often lose their temper and are prone to irritability not only increase the risk of physical diseases, but also disrupt the body’s endocrine system, and even make the body synthesize more cortisol.

excessive accumulation of harmful substances in the body will also affect the normal operation of immune cells, reduce their own resistance and cause body diseases, so it is important to keep a good mood is the important secret of youth.

if women want to slow down the aging speed, they must adhere to foot soaking. Foot soaking can promote blood circulation in the body, improve their immunity and resistance, and make their body less sick.

soaking feet with warm water before going to bed can promote the circulation of Qi and blood in the body, relax muscles and activate collaterals, promote blood vessel expansion of feet, accelerate blood flow, and make women’s body more warm.

honeysuckle itself has a good effect of clearing heat and detoxification, dredging meridians, activating collaterals, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-virus, beauty and beauty. Long term anger, stay up late smoking and drinking women are more likely to increase the speed of aging.

in addition to nourishing the liver, women should also pay attention to the health of blood vessels. One of the most favorite substances of blood vessels is anthocyanins. Mulberry is rich in anthocyanins, amino acids, vitamins and other nutrients.

mulberry is the king of anthocyanins, known as “youth factor of life”. Its antioxidant capacity is 20 times of vitamin C and 50 times of vitamin E. It can not only reduce fat absorption, but also protect blood vessels.

women insist on using dried mulberry to soak in water, which can also have the effect of maintenance. Adding a little dried mulberry when cooking porridge can help to dredge Qi and blood, benefit the five internal organs, and calm the nerves of stars. Home