When girls apply lipstick, don’t have these four habits, otherwise the most expensive lipstick will fade

Girls want to make their facial features look more delicate, in addition to the basic skin care work, is the daily make-up. Now more and more girls will make up in their daily life to keep themselves in a better state. One of the most indispensable must be the embellishment effect of lipstick, girls in applying lipstick, do not have the following four habits, otherwise expensive lipstick will fade. < / P > < p > many girls feel that when applying lipstick, they can create satisfactory make-up by directly putting on their lips. But in fact, those long-lasting lip makeup we see have many small details to pay attention to. Many girls have the following four bad habits of applying lipstick. It’s inevitable that your lipstick will stick to the cup. Let’s take a look with Xiaobian! < / P > < p > before we apply lipstick, how many girls will pay attention to the foundation of lip makeup? Just like before we paint the foundation, we need to apply the cream to do the bottoming. Lip makeup is not only to make our lipstick more obedient, but also to protect lip health. We usually choose lipstick as the lip base. The moisturizing lip balm can ensure the flex and fullness of the lips, and the lipstick will also be more attractive.

besides lip gloss, there are brightly shining lip gloss, which are also good primers. These moisturizing and moisturizing priming tools do not make our lips coated with lipstick and dry up. A very typical effect of applying lipstick directly without making up is that the lips will become dry instantly, and lip lines will appear. Lip makeup is not only not suitable for the post, but also easy to dip into the cup. < / P > < p > especially for the lip makeup we draw when we go out, we must pay attention to the effect of foundation. If lipstick accumulates or sticks to the cup due to the dry and peeling lips, it will not only embarrass us, but also make our makeup in a mess. No matter how expensive lipstick is, it will not work. This bad habit must be corrected! < / P > < p > pursing lips is also a bad habit of many girls when applying lipstick, especially the novice Xiaobai who just started to make up will make lipstick more uniform through lips after applying lipstick. This practice is very wrong, especially when using some varnish lipstick or glass Lip Glaze, pursing lips will make the whole lip makeup more messy and smooth If you don’t master the strength of your lips well, it’s easy to paint them out. < / P > < p > most lipsticks will form their own film for a period of time after they are put on the mouth. If we start to close our lips after we finish applying lipstick, it’s easy to accumulate too much lipstick on the lower lip, and the whole lip makeup will become particularly uneven. Generally, when we apply lipstick, we will control it in the whole lip shape. It’s easy to wipe lipstick out of the lip boundary by sipping lips, so it’s easier to dip into the cup. < / P > < p > in particular, some expensive lipsticks have better moisturizing effect, so it takes a long time to form a film. After applying lipstick, do not have the habit of pursing your lips again. We can try to apply lipstick to our lips evenly bit by bit with a lip brush, which can not only better outline the lip line, but also make our lip makeup more comfortable, so we don’t have to worry about serious staining. < / P > < p > many girls will habitually go out after making up at home. At this time, don’t forget to bring a small mirror and carry good lipstick, because the lip makeup is easy to wipe off when we drink or eat. At this time, the lip makeup will become particularly sloppy, especially when we go out for a long time, we must remember to make up regularly, or we will take the residual Lack of makeup will affect the overall appearance. < / P > < p > most lipsticks don’t last long. If you want to keep lipstick for a longer time, you can use lipstick raincoat appropriately. However, this kind of cosmetics is more harmful and is not recommended. So the best way is to take a small mirror and lipstick when we go out, and make up at any time. After the lipstick is stained with a cup, it is easy to make up a corner or uneven, so timely make-up is particularly important. < / P > < p > Xiaobian also needs to remind you that you should never make up in public, try to make up secretly in the bathroom or no one’s corner, so that you can always keep a bright image in front of the public. Just fill the lipstick, there will be some sticky cup situation, so try to drink water or eat at intervals after make-up, leave enough film-forming time for lipstick, so that the skirt can always keep delicate. < / P > < p > many girls must have considered what kind of method can make the lasting time of lip makeup longer? The correct way is to use the fixed makeup spray. The foundation liquid on our cheeks will also oxidize and fall off over a period of time. The lipstick is also the same. And we often wipe the lipstick with water or food. After using the makeup spray to make the whole face makeup, we can extend our makeup durability to a large extent.

because most of the makeup spray has a relatively sticky effect, so it can cooperate with the oil absorption oil control powder, our lips can not use too many chemical makeup spray, so when choosing, we must pay attention to the makeup spray composition table, try to use the sensitive muscle suitable for non irritating makeup spray, so that lip spray fixed makeup time. And the security is also very high.

what we fear most is the stained or stained phenomenon of lipstick. We want to solve these embarrassing phenomena perfectly. We should not forget to use the fixed makeup spray when we paint lipstick in the future. The durability of wild makeup is really not high. It’s easy to sweat out or skin oil out for a long time, which leads to the overall makeup or lip makeup. Dip the cup and fade. PARRENT&CHILDREN