When is the first check-up after pregnancy? Don’t forget the time wrongly, what should be paid attention to should not be careless

Since pregnancy, pregnant women will be very interested in prenatal examination, but there will be many pregnant women confused, when to officially start prenatal examination, which items are more important?

in fact, after pregnancy, every examination is very important, especially the first examination, it will not only give pregnant women a comfort, but also check whether the fetal development is normal, so it is necessary to have the prenatal examination on time.

most pregnant women are accidental pregnancies, and they are not sure when they are pregnant. Therefore, when they find that menstruation is delayed or delayed, they should go to the hospital for early pregnancy examination in time to exclude whether they are pregnant.

first of all, we must confirm that early intrauterine pregnancy is a viable embryo. It is very important to exclude extrauterine pregnancy and embryo termination.

at this time, I go to the hospital for prenatal examination. Generally, I’m about 50 days pregnant, about seven weeks pregnant. I can see the fetal bud and fetal heart rate by color Doppler ultrasound, and the color Doppler ultrasound will also prompt that the embryo is alive.

at this time, we are most relieved, because we can consider the follow-up examination only after the fetus is confirmed to be alive, otherwise we can’t take the next step.

after the end of the first prenatal examination, it means that we have to plan the next examination, that is, the first examination in the true sense, the examination of early fetal teratogenesis. At 11-13 weeks and 6 days, the NT examination of our fetus excludes the risk of Down’s baby. At the same time, if the NT value is qualified, we have to build the card.

at this time, we need to go to the antenatal clinic of the hospital to build a pregnancy check card, carry out regular birth check, check the gestational age, calculate the expected delivery date, evaluate the high-risk factors of pregnant women, and carry out routine checks, such as the measurement of blood pressure, weight and body mass index. Of course, we also need to do related test items, such as blood routine, urine routine, blood type identification, determination of fasting blood glucose, liver and kidney function, hepatitis B surface antigen, thyroid function examination and eugenics. Don’t be afraid to draw blood instead of doing them. These are very important test items, and they should be filed in the file.

timely prenatal examination can not only timely understand the development of the fetus, but also help pregnant women’s own physical condition to ensure better development of the fetus. Of course, early pregnancy is also a critical period of fetal development. Pregnant women should not only strengthen nutrition in diet, but also pay more attention to rest, ensure normal mood, and do not always get angry, otherwise they will not develop well for the fetus.

at the same time, in the early pregnancy, nausea and vomiting may occur. You can choose light and delicious food, eat more vegetables and fruits and high-quality protein. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. You can take more outdoor activities and breathe fresh air, so that your heart will be more comfortable.

early pregnancy embryo development is not stable, we should do relevant protection, do not lift heavy or do heavy physical work, in order to avoid stretching to pregnant women, leading to signs of threatened abortion, if during pregnancy, the body has any discomfort, we must go to the hospital in time to check, in order to avoid sudden situation. “888” is an original research platform for mothers to take care of their children href=” https://luanban.com/15-entry-level-basic-skin-care-rules-skin-care-xiaobai-quickly-take-to-collect/ ” target=”_ blank” rel=”noopener”>15 entry-level basic skin care rules, skin care Xiaobai quickly take to collect!