When people get old, what they fear most is not lack of money or no one to take care of you, but this

Every time I chat with Uncle Wang, he always tells us this sentence: “when people are old, what they fear most is not lack of money or no one to take care of them, but paralysis in bed.” < / P > < p > Uncle Wang said that every time he saw other old people can go to the park to play chess, in fact, he was also very eager. When he was young, he paid too much for everyone, but now his physical torture makes him miserable. < / P > < p > every time he wants to hold his grandson, he can’t get in close contact with them because of his health. Now he sleeps in bed every day and doesn’t know how long he can last, which makes his life less and less happy. < / P > < p > many times, Uncle Wang told his children to leave him alone and let him live and die on his own. Every time the children heard these words, they blamed Uncle Wang. Uncle Wang knew that the children were filial to him, but she felt that this kind of life was too hard for him. Although he had a nanny to take care of every day and had no need to worry about material conditions, it was a big expense to see a doctor every month. < / P > < p > the children are very busy with their work, and no one can accompany them to rest and chat. Every time they look at the empty room, they also make him suffer. He said that only now can he really understand that the body is the capital of revolution. When he was young, he didn’t even want to die for work. Now he finds that health is the capital for a person to enjoy his old age. < / P > < p > in real life, there are probably not a few people who have the same situation as Uncle Wang. When people are old, what they fear most is not lack of money or no one to take care of them. Instead, they are paralyzed in bed. Without health, they are equal to having nothing. Therefore, we should also pay attention to health. So in our daily life, how can we make ourselves enjoy our old age? In fact, the answer is very simple. < / P > < p > when people reach a certain age, their physical conditions are not as good as before. At this time, we should also understand that the body is the capital of revolution. < / P > < p > as we grow older, our children will grow up. At this time, we should learn to subtract from our lives, live a good life, learn to let go, don’t be too noisy, and give more opportunities to young people to make their own way. This is the best outcome. < / P > < p > some people work hard all their lives. When they reach a certain age, we don’t need to worry about many things. If we still hold on to the problems, in the end, it’s only ourselves who will be hurt. < / P > < p > when young, in order to earn more money, many people will work day and night, but they don’t know that this kind of action will bring great harm to their body. < / P > < p > I remember my dad said the most to me: “now I’m old, useless, and don’t show off. The only thing I can do is to manage my health well, and don’t let you worry about it.” < / P > < p > in fact, when my father was young, he was a very strong person. Now with the growth of age, he is no longer so strong. I think this kind of mentality is also very good for him. < / P > < p > life in old age should be pleasant and beautiful. At this time, people should no longer try to be brave. At this time, we should relax and enjoy the life of the elderly better. Focus