When the big aunt arrives, there will always be a fishy smell. What’s going on? Doctor: there are three reasons

Every month, women will usher in a troublesome partner — menstruation. For women, menstruation is a good thing and a bad thing. Menstruation means that you are still a charming and elegant woman, but sometimes it will add trouble to your life. < / P > < p > when the eldest aunt arrived, her greatest fear was not to dirty her pants, but the strange smell from the secret garden. When many girls come to visit for consultation, the most common problem is what causes the frequent odor during menstruation? < / P > < p > the first reason is that the underpants are airtight. Now the weather is still relatively sultry, many women like to wear some sexy underwear, but often these materials are not very breathable. The skin of the body needs to breathe, if the local position has been unable to heat normally, coupled with more clothes and trousers outside, it is easy to breed peculiar smell. < / P > < p > during menstruation, blood clots and blood flow can not be avoided. Tight clothes accumulate a lot of sweat, and the taste of the lower body will be heavier. Not only that, the bacteria may be mixed with the outflow of menstrual blood, which will accelerate the production of some unpleasant smell. < / P > < p > the second reason is that sanitary napkins are not replaced for a long time or unqualified products are used. When the big aunt arrives, basically every two hours at most need to change a clean sanitary napkin. If you use one tablet for a long time, the blood will spread in the local position, which will cause discomfort. At the same time, the growth and reproduction rate of bacteria is very rapid. If the use of unqualified sanitary napkins, the air permeability will be poor, the air circulation will become a hotbed of microbial and bacterial bombs, and when the normal walking, the smell will be transmitted. The last reason is gynecological diseases. Many patients with gynecological diseases reflect that every time they come to my aunt, the taste is relatively heavy, in the doctor’s opinion, the usual hygiene is not done well. Abnormal menstruation changes, secretion will also increase. < / P > < p > when the body has an obvious odor, you can observe whether there is extra secretion on your sanitary napkin. Maybe the smell is not transmitted by blood, and the culprit may be the secretion that you neglect. Increased secretion is usually a precursor of gynecological diseases. < / P > < p > the first thing is to develop a good habit of changing sanitary napkins frequently. Select some big brand products with protection, as long as you feel the wet below, go to the toilet in time to change. Otherwise, it is not others who are embarrassed when there is peculiar smell, and the trouble is as long as you know it. The second is to drink more water. Menstrual blood output, the body will lack of certain nutrients, although after the body will gradually recover, but drinking water can increase the speed of metabolism. The speed of blood volume detoxification is fast, it is difficult to breed peculiar smell. < / P > < p > the last thing to do is to supplement nutrition. In this special period, women’s immunity will be better than average jet lag, once infected by bacterial virus, it is easy to cause gynecological inflammation and even more serious diseases. Whenever this period, we should eat more lean meat to supplement the body’s needs and reduce the odor. < / P > < p > if you want your aunt to leave your body safely and steadily without odor, you should pay attention to the three factors mentioned by the doctor. You should choose the underwear with breathable material, replace the sanitary napkin in time, and pay attention to the hygiene problems. If the odor problem is reduced, your health can be hand in hand with you. 08/16/2020