When women begin to age, they often have “three long, two round”, if not, Congratulations, still very young

Young and beautiful is the dream of many women, if you can have a beautiful face, concave and convex body, naturally can also show more feminine charm.
after getting married, it’s easier for a woman to grow old with her age.

although it is said that the beard is the main feature of men, in fact women also have a beard, but the layout is particularly obvious, mainly because some small hairs can’t be seen.

with the increase of age, the estrogen in women’s body will gradually decrease, and the androgen secretion will be less and less. At this time, you will find that the moustache is more and more obvious.

when this happens, it means that your ovarian function is gradually declining, and your body has entered an aging state. Once this phenomenon occurs, please maintain it in time to help delay aging.

collagen is an important material to maintain the elasticity of the skin. Therefore, when women are young, their skin is compact and glossy, mainly because of the abundant collagen in the body.

when women find that their gums are gradually shrinking, and oral diseases are more and more frequent, it shows that your body has less calcium, and it affects the health of the kidney, so it is necessary to regulate them in time.

as women grow older, their body’s ability to metabolize will gradually decrease. When toxins and garbage continue to stay in the body, their skin will get worse and worse, and there will be more and more spots and wrinkles on their faces.

especially after middle age, wrinkles will continue to increase, and the crow’s feet lines in the corners of the eyes will become more and more obvious, deeper and longer. All these remind you that you need timely maintenance.

as women grow older, their body metabolism is not as fast as before. If you often eat greasy food, it will only lead to the conversion of energy in your body into fat, making you fatter and fatter.

especially middle-aged women are more prone to abdominal obesity, because the intake of calories is easy to accumulate in the abdomen, and you will have more and more fat, just like a swimming circle, covering your waist.

when women find that their diet has not changed much, but they are getting fatter and fatter, it means that you have entered an aging state, and the metabolic cycle in the body is gradually slowing down.

when there are more and more toxins and garbage in the body, the neck will become round, especially after middle age, the neck will become thicker and harder, and the cervical spine will become harder and harder.

many people also have wrinkles in their neck, just like an old tree root. When a woman finds that her neck is getting thicker, it may be the growth of aging, or it may be the problem of thyroid. I hope you can go to the hospital for examination in time.

many women don’t pay attention to sunscreen at ordinary times, and even don’t pay attention to the problem of skin sunscreen all year round. The effect of ultraviolet on the skin is very serious.

scientists also have a growing consensus that ultraviolet rays can cause skin photoaging, which is far more serious than natural aging, so we must do a good job in outdoor sun protection.

the brain and the body follow the principle of “using in, discarding in and out”. Some women after middle age, do not like to use the brain and do not like reading, the brain will gradually rust, this time will not only lead to brain problems, may also increase the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

especially now people’s electronic products are more and more abundant, and they can copy and paste anything they do. Even some people’s brains are becoming more and more unsightly and slowly degenerate. In fact, this kind of practice is also easy to accelerate the aging process.

if female friends like to eat desserts, their sugar intake will be higher, and the sugar will be taken away. The collagen, which belongs to the skin itself, will make the skin worse and worse, lose its elasticity, and cause a lot of wrinkles and spots.

too much sugar can also affect the hormone level in the body, thus accelerating the process of aging. Some women especially like ice cream desserts and so on. They can eat once in a while, otherwise aging will find you.

the above three behaviors are called accelerators of aging. Even if a female friend takes one of them, she should get rid of it quickly. Only in this way can she help to delay the arrival of aging, and also help her skin get better and better and look younger than her peers. Your name will always exist on the Internet