When women begin to grow old, they usually have the performance of “three loose, two big and one smelly”. If they don’t, congratulations

What women fear most is that they are asked about their age, because women’s age has become a secret. Some women pay great attention to the maintenance of their facial skin in order to be younger than their peers.

for example, some stars pay more attention to the maintenance of their faces. Even when they are 40 years old, they still look like 20-year-old faces, but we can’t ignore the management of their bodies.

when a woman enters an aging state, it is not necessarily judged by her age, nor by the wrinkles on her face, but by changes in her body, which she can’t hide if she wants to.

the age of 25 is the watershed of women’s age. Before the age of 25, the skin collagen is very sufficient, and the skin can be broken by blowing. However, after the age of 25, the collagen and elastic fibers will gradually disappear, and the facial muscles will relax and droop.

sometimes there are no wrinkles on the face, but you will find that your face is getting bigger. Don’t think it’s just body weight gain. This is mostly caused by muscle relaxation and sagging, which is also a sign of aging.

for women who have had multiple births or breast-feeding many times, as they get older, their chest muscles will gradually become less and their breasts will become more and more relaxed.

it’s not so obvious when you put on your underwear, but when you sleep, you will find that your chest becomes very ugly, and even you are less and less confident, which is also a sign of aging.

when we are young, we will find that we have very plump buttocks, which look very perfect. However, as we get older, the loss of collagen in the body is faster, and women’s buttocks will gradually droop.

for some women, their buttocks are loose and big, and their clothes are particularly ugly. The whole person loses self-confidence. In fact, hip relaxation is not only closely related to sitting down, but also related to collagen. You can wear a skirt to cover up the ugliness.

as women get older, they will find their teeth grow longer. Some people even think that their teeth are growing up, which is not the case.

with the gradual increase of age, the collagen in the body will gradually lose, the gums will gradually shrink, and the root of teeth will be exposed, so the teeth will begin to grow longer, and the kidney dominates the bone to produce pulp. The changes of teeth are also related to the decline of renal function.

the middle-aged women rarely show small waistline after opening their own clothes. Instead, they will have a bucket waist or a big belly. However, when you find that your meal has not increased, but your waistline is growing, please be vigilant.

don’t have something to do with sedentary and lack of exercise. In addition, with the gradual growth of age, the body’s metabolism speed will gradually slow down, and the body’s heat will be converted into fat storage, and your stomach will inevitably become larger.

as you get older, you will find that halitosis is more and more serious, especially when you get up in the morning, dry mouth and bitter breath will become more and more obvious.

in addition to gastrointestinal diseases and liver diseases, this is likely to be a sign of female aging, because with the increase of age, the gastrointestinal function gradually decreases, and food can not be digested and absorbed in time, which will produce unpleasant gas in the body and cause stubborn halitosis.

if women want to delay aging, they must replenish more water for the body. Drinking water can accelerate the metabolism of the body and discharge toxins and garbage from the body. If they don’t like to drink boiled water, they can add a little Dendrobium officinale to the boiled water to increase the taste.

Dendrobium officinale is of high health value to the human body. It contains nutrients such as polysaccharides, amino acids and so on, which can help the normal operation of various organs, delay the aging of the skin, regulate the body’s endocrine, and make the skin more compact.

as the saying goes, life lies in exercise. Daily proper exercise can help accelerate the body’s metabolism, expel toxins and garbage from the body, and also help to regulate the body, blood circulation, beauty and beauty.

I hope that aerobic exercise for more than 30 minutes a day can help improve physical fitness, improve disease resistance, promote the operation of reproductive organs, protect the normal operation of all organs of the body, and help to improve a person’s temperament. Focus