When you apply a mask, you can easily hurt your face. I don’t believe you haven’t done it. 4 ways.

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are you using mask now? Do you know how to apply the mask? Some people are applying facial mask every day. But after years of applying the mask, do you really know how to apply the mask? Is it correct to know how mask should be used?

some people may not only play a role in facial mask, but they may also hurt their faces all the time. Look at these facial dressing methods. Do you have any trick?

because there are too many essence in the mask, you smear it all over your face. The essence is too much. Even if it is applied for 20 minutes, the face is still dry, because the skin has been absorbed very full, and it is saturated. So there are a lot of essence waste. < / P > < p > the skin can’t be absorbed. In fact, it can be applied to other places, such as neck, feet, hands, etc. You can use the rest of the essence, use a cotton pad or a face towel to dip it, wet the neck pattern, and then massage gently, not only to improve the necking on the neck, but also to promote the blood circulation of the neck pattern. In other places, you can use the similar method to make full use of the remaining essence.

some people love to pack a lot of facial mask, but in summer, they put the mask in the refrigerator, so that the mask can make more water replenishment, which is good for the skin to absorb better, and it can also make the ingredients in the mask not easy to drain.

however, some masks do not need to be refrigerated. For example, canned facial mask, often used may cause deterioration of the product, and it is not right to put it directly on the face from the refrigerator. Because the temperature is too low, it can not make the pores expand and contract, but it will stimulate the skin. Too long storage will also affect the efficacy of the mask.

can also put the fridge, but it should be taken out one or two hours before it is put in for a period of time before applying the mask. Moreover, the elder sister’s advice is to buy a small independent refrigerator to separate the cosmetics separately, otherwise it may get to the taste, and it may also affect the efficacy of the mask, and make some mask lose its original function.

many people will be like this. After finishing the mask, they are very lazy. They feel very good about touching their skin. There is no need to skin care. After finishing the shower, they will go to bed directly. But this is also always wrong, finishing mask still need a good skin care, otherwise expensive mask is useless.

is the best time for skin care in 30 minutes after finishing the mask. At that time, the skin cells are open state, which can make the skin better absorb the skin care products. So finishing the mask is the best time to absorb skin care products. At this time, skin care will get twice the result with half the effort.

is just as important as skin care work after finishing the mask. After finishing the mask, you still need further replenishment. This time, the cream cream is something that can not be less. Skin care can lock the moisture of the skin, and can also form a defensive wall, and resist the isolation of the dirty West and East.

application mask also depends on the time. The right time to apply the mask will be half done. The wrong time to apply the mask will backfire. Many girl love to apply a mask before makeup, which is considered to make the makeup more acceptable, but in fact, this is a wrong way, which may play a 1+1&lt, 2 effect. < / P > < p > many girls always have the habit of skin care before makeup, but it is very wrong. After finishing the mask, the skin and skin are in a saturated state. When using cosmetics, they can not be well served on their faces. They may come out for a period of time.

and after finishing the mask, the water content of the cells may be very high, but the resistance of the keratin is also the weakest. When the skin is in an open state, if the makeup is applied immediately, the make-up used may penetrate into the skin, which may cause pores blockage, stuffy pox and other phenomena, and the long-term use will also make the skin darker. Therefore, the application of mask should be accurate and the right time will be good for us. HEALTHY LIFE