Which body shape is popular? Weight is bigger than you but more attractive than you! Teach you how to win the return rate

In fact, no one cares about your weight. What others see is your circumference. It can be said that there is no direct relationship between weight and body shape. Some people’s weight is not high, but there is a small belly, waist circumference is not thin, if the buttocks are shrunken again, it will be more tragic.

when walking on the street, the girls with thin waist and rich buttocks are often the ones with high turnover rate. But if the girls who are thin to the straight line are not supported by their appearance, who can they attract?

studies have shown that for every 10% increase in WHR, the probability of pregnancy decreases by 30%. Women with a waist hip ratio of 0.9 have a one-third lower chance of conception than women with a waist hip ratio of 0.8.

and women with waist hip ratio of 0.7 are relatively healthy and have strong fertility. Although it is not advisable to judge people by their appearance, the ratio of waist to hip against the weather is not only high in the rate of turning back, but also the envy of many girls!

a high proportion leads to the so-called “apple shaped figure”. In contrast, WHR can predict the risk of heart attack. The group with the highest WHR has a 75% higher risk of heart attack than the group with the lowest WHR. For men, less than or equal to 0.90 is considered healthy or safe.

for men and women, waist to hip ratio of 1.0 or higher is considered as a “risk” or in a risk area leading to adverse health consequences such as heart disease and stroke.

according to theory, a figure with a waist to hip ratio of 0.7 is the most attractive. A new study published in the journal shows that women with a “low waist to hip ratio” are generally considered to be “hourglass shaped”, and they have the most attractive figure.

although we all have different genes and different body types, there is always a way to express our genes and body types in healthy and unhealthy ways.

this means that whether you are tall, short, thin or curved, there is a way to express your genes in healthy and unhealthy ways. An important indicator of healthy gene expression is a healthy hip to waist ratio. The closer a woman’s waist to hip ratio is to the golden ratio, the healthier she looks.

what you need to do is to exercise your muscles through fitness ball training, to make sure that you’re putting pressure on yourself, that your muscles are really working hard, focusing on getting them to really work in every exercise.

to do this, your body needs two things: protein and enough calories to get excess calories.

then your body needs about 8 hours of high-quality deep sleep every night. Therefore, your training, nutrition and recovery must be correct in order to continuously build muscles, which should be the first task to get your sexiest body.

fitness balls, also known as swiss balls, stabilizers, fitness balls, or fitness balls, can be used to strengthen and stretch the body and improve core stability and balance. The inflatable balls come in five sizes, ranging in diameter from 35 to 85 cm, and people can sit on, squeeze, lift, or lean on.

balance is a key part of using a fitness ball. It stabilizes the core, exercises abdominal and lower back muscles, and protects your spine, pelvis and shoulders. These muscles are very important and we often use them in our daily activities. By training core stability and muscle condition, you can prevent injuries, especially around the back.

in addition to exercising a lot of abdominal and back muscles, you can also exercise every muscle of your body with a fitness ball. Some exercises target the arms, calves, inner thighs, buttocks and pectorals.

for example, squeeze it between your ankles to exercise your inner thigh, or use it to lift up and down on the top of your head to exercise the muscles around your shoulders, which helps to maintain good posture.

fitness balls are very good for stretching and increasing flexibility. They can be used to help with yoga postures, or to warm up, cool down and stretch before and after exercise. Because they’re supportive, but they’re soft, you can use them to help you bend back, sit forward and stretch on your side.

for example, in order to practice backward bending, you can first lean your lower back on the ball, squat down, bend backward, and push your feet upward, so that you lie on the ball, extend your arms over your head, and put your hands on the ground behind you. You should feel a significant stretch in the front of your body and exercise your back muscles.

this is a recognized fitness ball exercise, and doing sit ups on the ball is actually more effective than doing it on the floor because you have to practice balance at the same time.

lift your upper body 45 degrees with your core muscles, while tilting your deep abdominal muscles toward the spine to ensure that your neck and head are not strained.

this sport targets your hips, thighs, lower back, and core areas, but the main target areas are the outside of your thighs or the “saddle” area of your hips.

then, keep your core active, push your chest away from the ball with your forearms as you inhale, keeping your body straight.

in flat support, lifting your feet higher with a fitness ball will make your abdominal and lower back muscles work harder. You need to keep your balance and don’t let the ball slide away from you.

place your hands behind your head or under your lower back, strongly into your core, and stretch your legs into the air as you inhale.

keep the ball between your ankles, raise your legs straight, and as you exhale, carefully lower your legs to the right, keeping your hips, cheeks, back and shoulders on the ground. After taking X-ray to discover pregnancy, can the child still want it? The doctor told you so