“White moonlight” Song Jia performed a big play with her eyes only. The secret is here!

A text message stirred the quiet life of the dark surge, a suspense point full of story is described as delicate and moving, as its name – white moonlight. The popular drama white moonlight is believed to be pursued by many young friends. It mainly tells the wonderful story of Song Jia’s female advocate 1, who was cheated by “family cook” in marriage and united with friends to pursue and fight back. < / P > < p > just looking at the cast, you can see that it is a wonderful play. After several episodes, sister o found that things were not as simple as the conventional plot. The complicated clues and twists and turns of the “case solving” process suggested that this was an enjoyable “she suspense” drama. In the play, Song Jia uses her professional and exquisite acting skills to express the woman’s sensitivity and mind in a proper way – plump, decent and restrained. In the face of the “enemy”, he is sensible and alert; in the face of his daughter, he is calm and gentle. Song Jia is one of the few actresses who can act with their eyes. Eyes are smart, eyes can “write” stories. And only in the eyes of the story, there is no weariness and frost. < / P > < p > judging from the high-definition photos released by Po recently, Song Jia did a good job in eye care. When the high-definition lens was taken face to face, there was no trace of wrinkles and fatigue. The eyes are bright and tight, and the eye value is online. Song Jia is not the only elder sisters who have done a good job in anti-aging work, they will stick to the youthful look of their eyes and defend their beauty. How to keep the skin around the eyes away from wrinkles and maintain in the best condition? The elder sisters have their own exclusive secrets. Why don’t they grow wrinkles? < / P > < p > my sisters took a picture of your eye care class online. Yi Yizi, who has been riding the wind and waves in the eye area maintenance, recently shared her own exclusive maintenance experience in the little red book – eye area care. Once the wrinkles of the eyes appear, they are more troublesome, and medical cosmetology is difficult to completely overcome. The injection type filling will make the expression very unnatural. Therefore, the eye care should be paid more attention. < / P > < p > although there is only a small area around the eye, it can be divided into different areas. In short, the same eye cream is no longer used in the whole eye area, but two or more different eye creams are used according to the different skin needs of the upper and lower eyelids. < p > < p > 02 Li ruotong: try the eye black technology maintenance products. Li ruotong, who just passed her 54th birthday, still has the “immortal spirit” of XiaoLongNu. Under the high-definition camera, she has no wrinkles on her face, and her eyes are young and full of vitality. Whether it is high-definition lens zoom in or front camera clear self-image, age is not revealed. < p > < p > 03 Wu Xin: applying eye cream can get twice the result with half the effort. For xinxinzi, a health expert, delicate skin care has become a daily habit. She has also shared her eye care techniques with you. < / P > < p > first press the eye socket for 3-5 circles, then use the middle finger and ring finger to take an eye cream and rub it, pull it up and down for 5 times, pull the tail of the eye from the corner of the eye to the temple to expel toxin for the eye; then press the fishtail area and lift it up from the corner of the eye ~ < / P > < p > Deng Ziqi: the eye prescription of the eye film maniac is written by Deng Ziqi, who usually has a tight schedule, and sometimes only sleeps 4-6 times a day It is easy to have dark circles and bags under her eyes. She also likes to apply eye mask. A standard eye mask madman ~ < / P > < p > looks at the secrets of her sisters’ eyes. She really can’t do without insisting on the comprehensive eye care every day. And eye cream, eye care products, has also become an indispensable intimate partner, even if the daily work is busy, can quickly let the eyes still shine! < / P > < p > choose the right eye cream, first look at the ingredients suitable, is the best! Anti wrinkle and firming: retinol, hexapeptide, a-alcohol, bosein. Anti aging: polypeptide, Schizosaccharomyces cerevisiae, VE, bosein. Moisturizing: hyaluronic acid, squalane, glycerin, avocado. Reduce dark circles: caffeine, tea polyphenols. < / P > < p > step1: apply eye cream evenly around the eyes; Step2, pat the eye cream around the eyes by playing the piano, focusing on the eye socket and eye tail; Step3, reverse the growth direction of wrinkles, gently massage according to the order of inner eye corner, upper eye corner, eye tail and outer eye corner, so that the skin is completely absorbed. Many small partners understand the correct application of eye cream, will secretly sigh: “originally I have been wasting eye cream”, how about you? < p > < p > eye massage adds a sense of ritual to eye care. There are many ways to massage around the eyes. Sister o briefly shares the technique of Japanese frozen age “beauty girl” Yasuki Sugi, the method of eye scraping. The first step is to apply essential oil or beauty oil before scraping to reduce the friction of the scraping board on the face and prevent the skin film from being damaged. Japan’s frozen age “beauty girl” Yasuki shuitani= https://luanban.com/category/pet/ target=_ blank>Pets