Who says stars only advertise? Take a look at Bao Wenjing’s good things to share. I don’t regret it

As long as a certain star appears on the hot search, I can chat in the group for a whole day. And several times when I see some stars update the news and recommend good things, the sisters in the group will say “advertising again, next”! < / P > < p > in fact, it’s right for stars to advertise. Who calls them traffic? But some of the good things they really share are also called advertisements by fans, which is very depressing! < / P > < p > it is easy to distinguish whether a star is advertising or not. Take xiaohongshu as an example. The words “cooperate with XXX brand” are usually found at the bottom of the book, which is the advertisement. As long as there are no such words, the normal situation is the real sharing of stars. < / P > < p > she can be said to be very real. Most of the videos are plain faced, and there is no shelf at all. As a treasure mother, she really shares good things for her own use, including wearing jewelry, beauty and skin care. I’ve been used by Amway for several times. I regret that I didn’t buy it earlier. It’s really good! < p > < p > in order to say that this is not an advertisement, she once mocked herself, “how can a brand come to me for cooperation? I’m not red. “It can be said that it’s very true! She has seen so many sharing, though there are many big brands, but there are many products with high cost performance. The student party and the office workers can afford to buy it. I will share the 3 paragraph below for you. Maybe you can also use

to replenishment water, which is indispensable throughout the year. Besides the mask cream, this kind of water is also known as the “healthy water” of the parity version. Point is cost-effective ultra-high!

and the same price mask ratio, it actually has pearlite film design, paste up more convenient. The essence of pink and tender smells to my young girl’s heart, and the delicate fragrance also smells good. < / P > < p > for the sisters who eat food, it is inevitable to eat and drink everyday. But sometimes, after a hot pot meal, you will find several acne on your face, which is unbearable and affects the beauty of fairies!

just saw that Bao Wenjing shared the acne gel that she used, and saw that the packaging was almost exhausted. She also said that after applying it to acne, it would be good for 1 or 2 days. I also saw that Ouyang Nana also recommended this product. < / P > < p > this is a brand from Australia, focusing on mild acne! The texture is milky white gel, and it is cool after coating. It will taste the pure tea tree essential oil. < / P > < p > only need to apply a little on the place with acne, which will not have any irritation, it is cool and mild, and there is no other additives, so it will not be dependent. The next day I found that acne disappeared a lot, isn’t it amazing?! < / P > < p > OK ~ the above three items are good things I sorted out and shared by Bao Wenjing. They are all very cheap, and all the sisters who have used them say that they are easy to use, so don’t say that stars can only advertise! 08/16/2020