Who: vaccines that are not safe or effective will not be recommended

‘I assure the public that who will not recommend vaccines that are not safe or effective,’ who director general tamdesai said at a press conference on September 4. He said that through vaccination, smallpox has been eradicated and polio is about to be defeated, and people should understand the power of the vaccine. At present, there are some new coronal vaccines with great potential, but they can only be put into use after they are proved to be safe and effective. Looking back at history, the power of vaccines is self-evident, and the public should not be confused by the anti vaccine campaign. People can check the history of using vaccines to save lives. It has been proved that vaccines can completely eliminate certain diseases and reduce mortality.

sumia swaminatan, chief scientist of who, said that the vaccine has saved millions of lives, and the development speed of new coronavirus vaccine is unprecedented. The first vaccine has entered clinical trials within a short time after the gene sequence of the new coronavirus is published, which is due to the progress of science and technology and the emergence of new vaccine development platform. However, the new crown vaccine has to go through multiple stages of animal and human trials. The regulatory authorities of various countries and who must be convinced that only safe and effective new coronal vaccine can be mass vaccinated. To this end, who has developed technical standards and invited an independent expert group to evaluate. All vaccines recommended by who to the public will meet the minimum safety and effectiveness standards. Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed by the World Health Organization

WHO real time statistics at 15:38 on September 4th, the world reported 285387 cases of new crown pneumonia confirmed cases, 26 million 170 thousand cases were diagnosed globally, 26171112 cases were reported, and 860 thousand cases were reported worldwide, 865154 cases were increased, 6014 cases were compared with the previous day. Focus