Why are some girls still pregnant “for the first time”? It’s called “perfect pearl” in medicine

In recent years, we can clearly feel that young people are more and more open-minded. It is not uncommon for young people to make friends with opposite sex, live together before marriage, and make friends. But unfortunately, young couples are quite lack of relevant knowledge, unexpected pregnancy, the reason for their ignorance. < / P > < p > the neighbor’s daughter is a 21-year-old junior and has a boyfriend. It’s normal for college students to fall in love. Her parents also turn a blind eye. However, it was found out recently that the girl was pregnant. Her parents were very angry after hearing about it and asked her daughter if her child was a boyfriend. Why didn’t they know how to protect themselves? The girl explained that it should be her boyfriend’s, but her “first time” is still there. How is that possible? Neighbors see daughter is also a face muddle, accompany daughter to go to the hospital to check, check out really pregnant. As for why the girl is still pregnant “for the first time”, this is the “perfect pearl” in medicine. < / P > < p > “Wanbi huaizhu” is actually very easy to understand, which means that a woman is pregnant when her hymen is still intact. It sounds incredible, but it’s true in medicine. Women’s hymen is not closed, there will be small holes on it, even if women do not have a substantial relationship with the opposite sex, but if women are in the ovulation period, when the opposite sex has marginal intimate behavior, the “tadpole” discharged by men may still combine with the egg, causing unexpected pregnancy. < / P > < p > parents are all young. They should know that the relationship between men and women usually develops from the initial appreciation to hand in hand, hugging, kissing and even sexual relationship. Therefore, when parents know that their daughter has a boyfriend, they should not be careless. They should teach her how to protect herself before she has a stable relationship. < / P > < p > parents can tell their daughters that it’s better to choose the day when dating with boys, and choose crowded and lively occasions, so as to prevent boys from cheating on themselves due to impulse. Also, remember to let your daughter remember to prepare condoms in her bag, so that she can protect herself when it’s inevitable to have a relationship. Finally, if you don’t decide to be with the boy, don’t give the boy too strong stimulation, such as wearing too exposed clothes, too ambiguous language, to prevent the other party from breaking through the security line and hurting themselves. < / P > < p > of course, we have to say a practical problem, even if parents tell their daughter every day that they must protect themselves from pregnancy. However, sometimes the day does not fulfill people’s wishes, the daughter falls in love, the chance of accidental pregnancy is quite big. When a daughter is accidentally pregnant, parents had better handle it carefully. < / P > < p > first of all, parents should ask their daughter how the baby comes from. Then, listen to your daughter and think about what to do with your baby. Secondly, the unexpected pregnancy of a girl has a great impact on her health and future growth and development. Parents should help their daughter to make a good analysis and sum up experience from the lessons to prevent the occurrence of similar events. Finally, no matter what the outcome of the matter, parents should pay attention to appease their daughter’s emotions, observe her mental health, and prevent the unexpected pregnancy from bringing a second blow to her daughter. Focus