Why are some people easy to have children? The three characteristics are very important, pregnancy is not a problem

It seems that I have never been with children in my life. But there are also many Baoma said that they are easy to get pregnant, a touch on pregnancy, not ready to be a mother or ushered in two treasures. In fact, the arrival of children not only depends on fate, deal with the reasons behind difficult pregnancy, children will come naturally. Xiao Qiu likes children very much and has been preparing for pregnancy with her husband since she got married. But after a year’s hard preparation, little Qiu’s stomach didn’t respond at all. After going to the hospital for examination, I knew that Xiao Qiu had the problem of fallopian tube adhesion. This year’s preparation for pregnancy was a blind run. < p > < p > after receiving the treatment, Xiao Qiu started again with confidence, but the child still didn’t come. However, at the stage of preparing for pregnancy, Xiao Qiu and her husband have developed healthy living habits. Both of them have lost a lot of weight. Since the preparation of pregnancy failed, the two people’s hearts have also relaxed, when there is a matter of what time. < p > < p > but I didn’t expect that after such a thought, Xiao Qiu soon ushered in her first baby. The reason why this is Qiu’s first baby is that she is pregnant again shortly after her birth, which is a typical winning prize. At the beginning, they didn’t come to ask for children, but now they have become easily pregnant. &Exclaimed Xiao Qiu. Two people who like children have left two treasures. Now looking at the two children, Xiao Qiu often says that if you want to have children, you should first have a healthy body, and then you should not have too much psychological pressure. Otherwise, the children will run away when they come. < p > < p > there are not many lucky Baoma like Xiaoqiu. Many female friends who are difficult to conceive often prepare for pregnancy for many years without success. Finally, they become test tube babies or even forced to DINK. Pregnancy and childbirth have become a permanent knot in their hearts. However, it can be seen from Xiao Qiu’s experience that there is no transformation from difficult pregnancy to easy pregnancy. The key is to solve the reasons behind difficult pregnancy rather than blindly prepare for pregnancy. < p > < p > most of the difficulties in pregnancy are due to the physical health of the husband and wife, such as azoospermia, asthenospermia and vas deferens obstruction of the man, polycystic, endocrine abnormalities and tubal obstruction and adhesion of the female. If one side has health problems, then just like the first year of Xiaoqiu’s pregnancy, no matter how hard it is, there will be no result. To improve the efficiency of pregnancy preparation, it is necessary to do a good job of relevant examination before pregnancy preparation, and to prepare pregnancy according to the right medicine. And even couples who have had babies can’t rule out the possibility of getting sick, and they can’t hide their illness and avoid medical examination. Otherwise, they will regret only themselves. < / P > < p > when both men and women are in good health, pregnancy is a matter of fate. But fate is often very mysterious, sometimes what not to ask for, what to fear. Therefore, parents should not only actively prepare for pregnancy, but also do not give themselves too much psychological pressure, so as not to be pregnant because of mental and emotional stress. < / P > < p > if you observe carefully, you may find that the pregnant women have something in common. They are usually rated by the elderly as having good health. With these characteristics, good luck will come naturally. < p > < p > in the eyes of the elderly, they are generally women with plump figure and wide waist and buttocks. In fact, there is some truth in this. Because such women tend to be more symmetrical and have larger skeletons, making it easier for babies to pass through the birth canal. And now to thin for the United States trend, many girls are thin, poor physique, naturally it is not easy to have a baby. Therefore, expectant mothers in the preparation stage should not care so much about their weight. Health is the most important thing. Due to the bad habits of smoking and drinking, staying up late and incorrect private hygiene habits, many female students are suffering from gynecological diseases at a young age. If the private parts are not healthy, they are not conducive to the survival of sperm and fertilized eggs. And don’t say normal pregnancy, many women are suffering from gynecological disease headache, psychological pressure is also relatively large, there is no energy to think about pregnancy. < / P > < p > different from the older generation, many young girls also drink ice water, wear navel clothes and do not avoid eating during menstrual period. Such living habits, dysmenorrhea and menstrual disorders are looking for the door. If you don’t pay attention to contraception at ordinary times and have had abortion experience, then the risk of uterine damage and difficult pregnancy will be greatly increased. The cultivation of good health does not lie in a day and night. Good habits are very important. Before getting married and preparing for pregnancy, female friends should take good care of themselves. Even if you don’t want a baby, it’s good for you. Finally, I hope that mothers to be who want babies will be able to conceive their babies and have a smooth birth. What else should we pay attention to in the preparation stage? PARRENT&CHILDREN