Why are urban children generally better looking than rural children? The big gap, rural children in the end where to lose?

。 Women will make great efforts in pregnancy preparation and pregnancy, especially those urban women. They will pay attention to the intake of various diets and nutrients, so that their babies can fully absorb nutrition.

for example, some pregnant mothers in rural areas are not very active in this aspect, and even rarely go to the basic pregnancy examination during the whole pregnancy period. Naturally, it is difficult for the fetus to have the same congenital security as the urban baby, and the degree of accidents has greatly increased.

many rural youth will choose to live in the city, especially those beautiful girls with temperament, and these high-quality girls will naturally marry a man with good conditions in all aspects, so their descendants naturally have a good face.

for those women who are slightly worse looking, they are more likely to live in rural areas and have less opportunities to go out. In this way, with the development of time, the gap between urban and rural areas will be widening.

in addition to basic learning, urban children often learn various skills, and parents are more willing to invest in their children’s education. Like prenatal education during pregnancy, early education during the fetal period, these will make the child’s intellectual development ahead of time.

for rural children, because their parents don’t have too high education background and education idea, they often guarantee their children’s clothing, food, housing and transportation, and pay little attention to their character cultivation and ability cultivation.

in this way, the gap between urban children and rural children is very obvious. Urban children are influenced by art and have more temperament, while rural children reveal a simple atmosphere.

children in the city will be more avant-garde and fashionable in dressing, and the careful cleaning of parents will add a lot of points to the children’s external image. However, children in rural areas will not be as good as children in the city in appearance even if their clothes can be kept clean due to their parents’ hard work in farming.

the children in the city tend to live indoors, and their parents usually pay attention to skin care, so their natural skin looks white and tender; while the children in the countryside are used to being outside, and after experiencing the wind and sun, their natural skin looks a little dark.

rural children reveal a sense of grounding and simplicity, while children growing up in the city are proud and have a refreshing temperament, which will be more pleasing to the eye in terms of appearance and figure.

although the external image of rural children is inferior, rural children often have some simple qualities, which are rare for urban children.

rural children often feel the hardship of life when they grow up. They have honed their perseverance since childhood. When they enter the society in the future, they will not easily shrink back when they encounter any difficulties.

However, urban children, because they have lived in the warm embrace of their parents since childhood, are unavoidably fragile. Naturally, when they encounter obstacles, they are easy to play the “retreat drum”.

rural children have a strong sense of self-improvement. They know their parents’ hard work for life, and they also know that they can change their own destiny by learning, so they will have a stronger sense of self-improvement in their studies.

both urban and rural children have their own advantages and disadvantages, but these are not the reasons for not working hard. Only by working hard can we change the present predicament and realize our life value. Focus