Why can some women in their 40s and 50s keep their “frozen age” and how can they do it?

Before Xiao Bian went to the gym, she met such a woman who kept frozen age. At that time, I would go to the gym every week and meet her. She looked like she was about 28 years old. Some people in the gym often called her a beauty. But later, she told us that she was 43 years old, and we were all shocked. We all had this question in our hearts: < / P > < p > later, through our understanding of her, it turned out that she had been keeping fit for 17 years since she was 26 years old. So it’s normal for people who insist on fitness for a long time to keep their “frozen age” appearance and figure. < / P > < p > there is no doubt that if you are in good shape, your body fat rate must be low. If the body fat rate is high, then the body will only appear fat. Therefore, those women in their 40s and 50s who look good will have a low body fat rate, which is basically below 20%. Of course, body fat rate will not only affect the body, but also affect many aspects, such as: appearance. Once the body fat rate is too high, your face fat will be very obvious, and there will be face bloated, double chin situation, so it will look older. < / P > < p > with the growth of age, the body’s metabolic capacity will decline, resulting in skin relaxation and more and more fat. And long term fitness can promote metabolism, improve muscle content, and make skin more compact. < / P > < p > only by keeping exercising can we make our body and physical fitness better, and at the same time, we can make ourselves younger. Exercise can promote the metabolism of the body, so that the body is not easy to get fat. Usually you can do aerobic exercise to reduce fat, do strength training to shape the body curve, such as running, squatting, push ups and so on, these sports are what you need to do. < / P > < p > especially now, most people are in the state of overload work, and stay up late every day, resulting in worse and worse health. At this time, it is more necessary to adhere to exercise to relieve stress and make the body more healthy. Long term exercise has an anti-aging effect, which will make you look younger. < / P > < p > to keep skin smooth, skin care is also very important. We all know why stars can always keep a young face, which is a big reason for skin care. Especially for female stars who eat by their faces, skin care is what they usually pay attention to. And for anyone, long-term skin care can also maintain smooth skin. < / P > < p > for ordinary people, the skin care that should be paid attention to at ordinary times is not replenishing water, collagen, etc. Xiaobian thinks that the most important thing is sunscreen. If you don’t pay attention to sunscreen at ordinary times, the skin will be interfered by ultraviolet rays, which will easily cause wrinkles and melanin deposition on the skin, especially on the face. So, usually sunscreen, avoid the wind and sun, will make your face look younger. < / P > < p > staying up late will not only cause obesity, but also affect your health, and make your face aging. Staying up late can lead to the disorder of hormone secretion, affect the metabolic level, and also lead to the decline of basic metabolic capacity, which is easier to make the body fat. People who stay up late for a long time don’t have a good spirit every day, with serious dark circles and rough skin. Therefore, keeping a good sleep and avoiding staying up late can also keep you young. Focus